Alumni Stories

Highlighting the Accomplishments of Our Alumni

Alumni Stories

collage of alumni executive board

CSU Alumni Executive Board

A Conversation with the CSU Alumni Executive Board

Leticia Madry Headshot

Leticia Madry ’03

Meet the CSU Newly Appointed Alumni President

Photo of Ebony Evans

Ebony Evans ’15

Teach the next generation of artists

Photo Drew Roman Brezinski

Andrew Brezinski ‘05

Came to Coppin, Saw It and Conquered

Photo of alumni Dean Nicole Baird

Nicole Baird ’99 and ’05

I just blossomed under Coppin’s umbrella

Airy Tilghman

Airy Tilghman ’18

The Coppin Room Is Connecting Coppin Students During a Pandemic

Amanda Mack

Amanda Mack '13

Serving Sweet Treats with a Side of Social Justice

Andre Roberts

Andre Ian Roberts

Andre Ian Roberts '98, Keeps Reaching for the Gold

Ashley Queen

Ashley Queen '09

Ashley Queen '09 is the "Unboxed Scientist"

Christopher Rogers

Christopher Rogers '11

Christopher Rogers Uses Lessons Learned at Coppin to Improve Health Outcomes

Delegate Shaneka Henson

Delegate Shaneka Henson '06

Delegate Shaneka Henson '06 represents her district and Coppin with pride

Dorian Issac

Dorian Issac '15

A Coppin Nurse on the Frontline of COVID-19

Dorothy Boulware

Dorothy Boulware '82

Dorothy Boulware, '82, has a "newsworthy" life

Dorrian Wilson

Dorrian Wilson

Dorrian Wilson '19 Is an Emerging Star

Dr. Karen Russell

Dr. Karen Russell

Dr. Karen Russell, M.D. ‘94 Specializes in Wellness

Ian Smith

Ian Smith '99

Alumnus Ian Smith '99, Appointed Parks and Recreation Director

James B. Smith, Ph.D.

James B. Smith, Ph.D. '97

James B. Smith, Ph.D.'97, Creating Business in the Desert

Jennifer Pope

Jennifer Pope, '99, '12 and '16

Jennifer Pope, '99, '12 and '16: First to Receive All Three Degrees From CSU

Keionna Spears

Keionna Spears '13

Keionna Spears '13 Meeting Benchmarks, Making History

Keri Hickey

Keri Hickey '12

Keri Hickey, '12, Is the Counseling Counsellor

Kyle Locke

Kyle Locke '96 '17

Kyle Locke '96 '17, Turning Giving Back into a Career

LaToya White

LaToya White '12

LaToya White '12, Bridging Mental Health Treatment and Technology During COVID-19

Lawrence Amadi

Lawrence Amadi '16

Lawrence Amadi '16 Is Straight Out of Sci-Fi

Michelle Antoinette Nelson

Michelle Antoinette Nelson '03

Michelle Antoinette Nelson '03, A Conversation with an Activist

Natasha Wedderburn

Natasha Wedderburn '14

Natasha Wedderburn '14, Has A Real Story to Tell

Nayo Carter-Gray

Nayo Carter-Gray '99

Nayo Carter-Gray '99, Stepping Into Greatness

Nikki Jones

Nikki Jones '96

Nikki Jones '96 NPR VP of Change Management and Transformation Uses Her Voice to Champion HBCUs

Rashida Forman-Bey

Rashida Forman-Bey '19

Rashida Forman-Bey '19 Puts Art in the Heart of the Community

Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner '18

Ryan Turner '18, An Advocate for Youth

Sabrina Tapp-Harper

Sabrina Tapp-Harper '96

Sabrina Tapp-Harper '96, On the Right Side of the Law

Sam Davis

Sam Davis '83

Sam Davis '83, Pulitzer Prize Winner Uses the Sun to Shine the Light

Shawn Parker

Shawn Parker '09

Shawn Parker '09, Ruling the Roost

Sunil Yadav

Sunil Yadav '15

Sunil Yadav '15, Has A Heart for Science

Terra Scott

Terra Scott '97

Terra Scott '97 Provides Sweetness and Satisfaction

The Thorntons

The Thorntons '20, '90 & '66

The Thorntons, A Coppin Legacy Family