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Your Financial Gift Makes an Immediate Impact

With the generous support of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, we can ensure scholarship support for many students. Working together with generous donors, we can continue our legacy of providing a quality college education for worthy students.

When you give you become part of an influential community that supports the growth, advancement, and continued development of Coppin State University. You build on our efforts to nourish student potential, and fund students' commitment to earn a degree. 

We change lives by not only giving opportunities to those who would otherwise not have them, but also by producing change agents who go on to impact their communities and beyond.

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Ways to Give

You are important to our work to support Coppin students. There are so many ways to get involved and ensure the success of our students, and the future of our beloved University.

We invite you to join the BE MORE Capital Campaign & CSU 125th Anniversary Celebration today in support of Eagle Nation with a generous gift of $125.  With your support, we will reach our goal to raise $25 million dollars by 2025. 
The BE MORE Capital Campaign is a multi-year fundraising campaign that will permanently transform our university and the surrounding community. During the campaign, which will raise $25 million in 5 years (2021 - 2025), Eagle Nation will invest in the lasting legacy of Coppin State University. 
Coppin’s first capital campaign will build the capacity and infrastructure of the university, yielding investments in the following several strategic priorities and creating a ripple effect in West Baltimore. With our first capital campaign in Coppin State University’s history, this is Eagle Nation’s moment to BE MORE:  
•    To recruit, enroll, and support more underserved and underrepresented students who will become the transformative leaders of tomorrow.  
•    To fund more scholarships.  
•    To expand our academic portfolio.  
•    To usher in 21st century innovative learning.  
•    To accept the challenge of reaching our fullest potential as a leader in urban higher education.   
While the campaign has been in its silent phase since 2021, the public launch of Coppin’s capital campaign provides an opportunity to highlight and celebrate Coppin’s bright future and reemergence after the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.  
Join us. Be More. Choose Coppin. 

Join the BE MORE campaign

Alumni, parents and friends can assist the University in securing its future by giving to the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is used to support an exceptional living and learning environment for current and future students. These funds provide important resources that impact every aspect of the Coppin experience. From providing student aid to funding residence life programming to supporting faculty research to paying for technology and campus beautification projects—this fund allows Coppin to address its most pressing needs and opportunities.

Most often, donors make their first gift to the University through the Annual Fund, and year after year, they renew their commitment. We are most grateful for these contributions because they finance ongoing programs and initiatives that benefit the entire campus community. Your unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund ensure that the University is able to meet its commitment to academic excellence while adapting to the ever-changing needs of our students.

For more information, contact:

Derrick Everett
(410) 951-3824

Coppin has embarked on a campaign to fund the establishment of the Fanny Jackson Coppin scholarship and a life-size statue of our namesake. Supporters can be certain that the image and likeness of FJC will grace the campus of Coppin State University forever.

Make a Gift

Fanny Jackson Coppin Legacy Society for Planned Giving

Created to honor our namesake, the Fanny Jackson Coppin Legacy Society is reserved for benefactors who have provided for Coppin's future through bequests, life income gifts, and other estate and planned gifts. Members not only have the satisfaction of knowing that they have ensured the long-term success of the University, but they also receive financial and tax benefits. Planned gifts keep giving for decades, and are the ultimate expression of confidence in our mission.

We are pleased to include individuals who provide support for Coppin in one of the following ways:

  • A bequest to Coppin through a will or trust
  • A gift of real estate or tangible personal property
  • Name Coppin as owner and/or beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • Establish a gift with Coppin that provides income to you or others such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable trust
  • Name Coppin as a beneficiary of an IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or other retirement plan

For more information, contact:

Deidre Johnson
(410) 951-2654

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The Nest is a giving club is for Coppin State University donors who wish to make a significant impact with their giving. Donors will become a part of a unique community within Coppin, and as such, gain access to exclusive events on campus as well as special opportunities to interact with our leadership, and to form connections with Coppin students.

Benefits include:

  • Welcome packet and personalized acknowledgments
  • Acknowledgment in donor recognition materials, including Coppin’s online honor roll
  • VIP invitations to special campus events, departmental symposiums, and conferences
  • Personalized campus tours
  • Exclusive access to pre-selected athletic events
  • VIP Invitations to an exclusive event with the University President

To join The Nest we ask that you make a minimum commitment of $10,000 that can be made as a one-time gift, or a $2,000 minimum payment on your pledge, per year, for five years.

If you are interested in The Nest giving club, please contact:

Janeisa Lashley
(410) 951-3817

Learn More Join the Nest

We are deeply committed to our students' success. We want to ensure that students can complete their degree program without financial stress and the least amount of student loan debt. Scholarship support is the University’s top fundraising priority, and has the most significant impact.

An endowment is a perpetual gift that will fund scholarships or support University initiatives for years to come. Endowment funds are invested and the earnings are used to support various programs. These types of gifts provide a long-term benefit for Coppin.

For more information about how to fund a scholarship or endowment, call Deidre Johnson in the Division of Institutional Advancement at (410) 951-2654.

There are several special initiatives that donors can support. These types of funding opportunities help to raise our profile, give our students exposure, and aim at supporting Coppin State’s unique priorities. Here are a few of our premier giving programs:

Senior Opportunity Scholarship

Helping students to finish strong

The Senior Opportunity Scholarship has a direct impact on rising juniors and graduating seniors at Coppin State University. The scholarship provides aid to worthy students who are close to graduation, but have exhausted their financial aid. Often times, students faced with this type of financial challenge cannot complete their degree program which keeps them from starting their career or attaining an advanced degree.

The SOS program removes a major obstacle in a student’s pursuit of a Coppin degree. We are proud to be able to assist our students in realizing their dreams by providing such necessary support.

Hear from our SOS recipients

Foundation Merit Scholars Program

The Foundation Merit Scholars Program promises to make the Coppin experience more desirable to students who have demonstrated academic success. Foundation Merit scholarships are among the most prestigious offered by the University, and are an investment in the long-term success of our brightest stars.

Foundation Merit Scholarships are endowments fully funded at $25,000 and invested for long-term growth. Each scholarship is named for its donor or in memory of a loved one, and their portraits are displayed in places of distinction throughout the campus.

For more information on becoming part of the Foundation Merit program, call the Division of Institutional Advancement at (410) 951-3800.

Legacy Foundation Merit Scholarship Program

Designed for donors who wish to establish an endowment by including Coppin State University in their long-range plans, the Foundation Merit Legacy Program. Donors who bequeath a minimum of $25.000 to CSUDF through a will, life insurance policy or trust will become a part of the Foundation Merit Legacy Program.

Donors who consider Coppin in their long-range plans ensure economic stability for a future Coppin.

For more information, contact:

Deidre Johnson
(410) 951-2654

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is an easy and cost-efficient way to make a donation to Coppin State University. Through payroll deduction, you can donate a little and make a huge impact. If you work for the Federal Government, the State of Maryland, or Baltimore City, you can participate in one of the below workplace giving campaigns.

Maryland Charity Campaign

Baltimore City United Way Campaign

Matching Programs

Multiply your gifts through company match from your employer. Your first step is to confirm with your company's human resource office if your company supports a matching gift program. Tax ID# 23-7127440

Send your gift and company match to:

Coppin State University
Institutional Advancement
2500 W. North Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21216

For more information, contact:

Derrick Everett
(410) 951-3824

Why Give?

Your Financial Gift Makes an Immediate Impact

With the generous support of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, we can put each student on a path to success despite where they might have come from. Coppin transforms students beyond their dreams. Working together with generous donors, we can continue our legacy of providing a quality college education for worthy students.

When you give you become part of Eagle Nation - an influential community that supports the growth, advancement, and continued development of Coppin State University - you build on our efforts to nourish student potential, and fund students' commitment to earn a degree.

We change lives by not only giving opportunities to those who would otherwise not have them, but also by producing change agents who go on to impact their communities and beyond.

How to Give a Financial Gift

Coppin State University stays dedicated to maintaining your trust and confidence, so you can continue to give financial gifts that benefit our students. Our mission is at the core of everything we do. We also promise to report back to you about our outcomes and results.

We know you have options to support other charitable causes, and we pledge to exceed your giving expectations, so our students can continue to benefit from generous donor gifts like yours.

By Mail

Make checks payable to the Coppin State University Development Fund (CSUDF) and mail to: 2500 W. North Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21216

By Phone

Call Institutional Advancement at (410) 951-3800 to make a secure payment over the phone.

Recurring Gifts

Set up repeat automatic payments to your credit or debit card.

Gifts of Securities, Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

We also accept financial gifts in other monetary forms! To give a gift of securities, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, call Institutional Advancement at (410) 951-3800. We are happy to help you through the giving process.

Gift Planning

Planned giving options allow you to be part of Coppin's legacy while potentially earning income and profit from tax benefits. Gift planning can look like:

  • Bequest: A gift to Coppin in a will
  • Life Insurance: purchase a policy and name Coppin as the beneficiary
  • Gifts That Pay You Income: gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and pooled income funds

HBCU Tax Credit

You may be eligible for a 25% state income tax credit for donations made to qualifying a Coppin State University Endowment. Anyone who donates in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 is eligible to receive the HBCU Tax Credit. This is an annual credit valid thru December 31, 2023.

Here is an example of how it works:

  • You donated $50 to an Endowed Scholarship at Coppin State University on April 15, 2021 and received a tax-receipt acknowledging your gift.
  • You then follow the steps below to apply for your 25% state tax credit certificate:
    1. Go to
    2. Click on Individual Taxpayers
    3. Click on Tax Credits, Deductions and Subtractions
    4. Click on Endowments of Maryland Historically Black and Universities Tax Credit
    5. Under the "Credit application procedure section", click on HBCU Tax Credit Application
    6. Print the application and carefully fill in all areas. The Comptroller of Maryland is ONLY accepting applications by email at
  • After you receive a letter from the Comptroller of Maryland Office acknowledging your application, send them a copy of your Coppin State University gift receipt within 30 days of receiving this letter.
  • The Comptroller of Maryland Office will issue a final tax credit certificate upon the receipt of the proof of your donation.
  • You will claim this credit by including the tax credit certification in your Maryland income tax return (502CR) when filed. Please note, you cannot file your taxes electronically to claim this credit. You must file your Maryland state tax return by mail.