Student Support

Help for What Life and Coursework Throw Your Way

Student support at Coppin looks like many different things. It looks like peer and professional tutors ready to help students in the Math Center. It looks like trained mental health professionals prepared with resources to help you through the worst of what you’re going through. It looks like accommodations and improved access through the Disability Support Services. It’s emergency funds for students with urgent home, and life challenges. It’s professional guidance on how to take that next career step. Student support looks like all this, and so much more.

At Coppin, we aren’t only concerned about your academic success, we’re concerned about the whole you. We’ve worked hard to make sure our students have a variety of resources to allow you to bring your whole self to school. Because when you can bring your whole self to school, you can be ready to work toward all the opportunities you’ve dreamed of.

How We're Here for You

We've made Coppin for you. When you become part of the Coppin family, you have access to a wealth of resources designed to motivate, uplift, guide, and provide everything you need to make your journey through Coppin a successful one. Everyone needs a little—or a lot of—help sometimes. And that's ok! We're here to make sure nothing stands in the way of helping you bring all your dreams into reality.

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