Academic Policies

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8:30 am - 5:00 pm
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Grading System

grade definition counted in gpa?
A Grade for superior quality work Yes
B Grade for good quality work Yes
C Grade for satisfactory quality work Yes
D Grade for less than satisfactory quality work, and allowable for credit Yes
F Grade for failing quality of work Yes
PT Credit awarded by exam N/A

Grade for satisfactorily completing all course requirements for Math:

  • ENGL 101A
  • MATH 097
  • MATH 098

Grade for not satisfactorily completing all course requirements for:


  • ENGL 101A
  • ENGL 101
  • ENGL 102

or Math:

  • MATH 097
  • MATH 098

Students who earn a "CS" must register again to repeat the course during the next regular semester.

AU A no-value grade that represents when a student has registered to audit a course No
AW Grade issued to students who violate the Class Attendance Policy before the official withdrawal period No
FX Grade issued to students who violate the Class Attendance Policy after the official withdrawal period Yes

Declare a Major

Keep in mind, getting admitted to Coppin State University is not an automatic guarantee that you have also been admitted to a major or program. All degree seeking students must officially declare a major. Each major department or school screens and accepts its own students, (i.e., School of Arts and Sciences, School of Professional Studies, School of Nursing or School of Graduate Studies).

Two students on their laptops


A student who believes they have a legitimate complaint or dissatisfaction about their academic studies may start the academic grievance process within 15 days of learning about the grievance.

Examples of grievances include, among others:

  • disputes regarding evaluation of scholarship
  • suspension or dismissal from an academic major or from the University.

We encourage students to refer to the Student Handbook for next the steps to file a grievance.