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Courses to help you learn the skills you need to catapault your life and career. 

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Areas of study with undergraduate, graduate, certificate, online, and non-degree options.


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Flexible Programs That Fit Your Life

Whether you're the first in your family to earn a degree or you're continuing your Coppin family legacy, we've got something for you. Our programs work with you and meet you where you are, providing opportunities to learn and grow inside and outside of the classroom. Take a closer look—we know you can transform your life at Coppin, then go out to change your community, and the world.

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Think critically about people, societies, and the world around you.


Learn what it takes to run your own—or someone else's—business.

Civics, Political Sciences, and Criminal Justice

Study the intersection of politics, power, policies, and the people.


Teach and lead communities, institutions, and the students they serve.

Humanities and Performing Arts

Get a competitive edge through liberal arts programs that inspire creativity and inquiry.

Math and Computer Science

Learn the hard and soft skills that make you an asset to any workplace.

Natural and Physical Sciences

Explore the natural world on a molecular level.

Nursing, Health Information Management, and Health Sciences

Advance healthcare and operational practices to provide and improve the quality of patient’s social determinants of health.

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