Computer Science

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Bachelor of Science


Be the person behind the devices, software, and technology that impact our daily lives.


A computer science degree provides you with not only the technical skills needed to create, engineer, and build life-changing technologies, but also the analytical skills to think critically about the world, and how technology can make it better.

You can choose to major or minor in Computer Science.

You'll graduate ready to: 

  • Apply your knowledge and skills to careers in technology-related fields
  • Study computer science at the graduate level
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750+ Course Options

The Coppin State University Academic Catalog has a wide variety of skill-building courses designed to inspire and prepare you to be in-demand professionals and transformational leaders.

Our computer science degree prepares you for success in advanced studies, or careers in computer-related industries.

There is more information about major requirements in the Program Requirements section on this page.

Program Requirements

To graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, students must complete 120 credit hours. These credit hours split among course prerequisites, major requirements, and electives. Expand each section below to see the range of course offerings.

Major Requirements

Course Semester (if applicable) name
COSC 199   Introduction to Computer Programming
COSC 220   Computer Science I
COSC 221   Computer Science II
COSC 302 Fall Advanced Data Structures and Files
COSC 306 Spring Operating Systems
COSC 307 Fall Artificial Intelligence
COSC 310 Fall Systems Programming
COSC 312 Spring  Database Management Principles
COSC 314 Spring Web Programming
COSC 316 Spring Assembly Language and Machine Organization
COSC 339 Fall Programming with Visual Basic
COSC 406 Spring Data Communication Systems
COSC 409 Fall Software Engineering
COSC 420 Fall Special Topics in Computer Science
COSC 417 Spring Computer Science Senior Seminar
MATH 131   College Algebra for Math and Science Majors
MATH 132   Precalculus
MATH 201   Calculus I
MATH 202   Calculus II
MATH 211   Discrete Mathematics I
MATH 212   Discrete Mathematics II
MATH 301   Linear Algebra
MATH 302   Numerical Methods
PHYS 303   Mechanics and Particle Dynamics
PHYS 304   Heat, Electricity, and Magnetism

The 8 credits of calculus-based physics courses also serve as the natural science General Education Requirement (GER).


Course Semester (if applicable) name
COSC 412 Spring Computer Graphics
COSC 414 Spring Advanced Web Programming

Remember! You must complete all major and prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher.

Assessment and Additional Graduation Requirements

Each computer science major must take an assessment to be considered for graduation. Department faculty create the assessment. It involves completing an individual or group project related to topics taught in major courses.

In addition to the assessment, each major must also take a final capstone course (COSC 417) during senior year. This course covers current and advanced topics in the field, and brings together concepts learned throughout the program.

Sample Degree Plan

This plan is to show the program plan for a degree in Computer Science. It is for example purposes only. Your academic journey may be slightly different from another student’s journey, so be sure to always communicate with your academic advisor before finalizing your course schedule.

Fall Semester 

Course name
ENGL 101 English Composition I
ECON 103 Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurial Economics
MATH 131 Math for Liberal Arts
ORIE 101 Freshman Seminar
HIST 205 African American History I
PHIL 102 Introduction to Logic

Spring Semester

course name
ENGL 102 English Composition II
PHSC 103 Technology and Human Affairs
SPCH 105 Speech Communication
COSC 199 Introduction to Programming
HIST 206 African-American History II

Fall Semester

Course name
ECON 201 Introduction to Economics
IDIS 103 Visual Arts and Theatre
WLIT 207 World Literature
BIOL 101 Biological Sciences
COSC 220 Computer Science I

Spring Semester

Course name
COSC 221 Computer Science II
COSC 314 Web Programming 
MATH 301 Linear Algebra
COSC 316 Assembly Language
MATH 132 Precalculus

Fall Semester

Course name
COSC 302 Advanced Data Structure and Files
COSC 339 Visual Basi
COSC 307 Artificial Intelligence
MATH 211 Discrete Mathematics I
MATH 201 Calculus I

Spring Semester

course name
COSC 420 Special Topics
COSC 306 Operating Systems
COSC 312 Databases
MATH 212 Discrete Mathematics I
MATH 202 Calculus II

Fall Semester

Course name
COSC 310 System Programming
COSC 409 Software Engineering
COSC 417 Senior Seminar
XXXX xxx General Elective or Minor
XXXX xxx General Elective or Minor

Spring Semester

Course Name
COSC 406 Data Communications
COSC 412 Computer Graphics
COSC 414 Advanced Web Programming
MATH 302 Numerical Methods
XXXX xxx General Elective

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