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The entertainment industry is rapidly evolving, and with advancements in technology, the industry is expected to reach more than $825 billion. This revolutionizing shift has created a demand for newly skilled thought leaders who will impact global markets, innovate new concepts, boost brands, and lead teams.

Our program blends the exciting world of entertainment with business and management principles to offer specialized knowledge and leadership skills to teach, develop, and deliver diverse leaders in an ever-growing entertainment marketplace.

Our students gain considerable analytical, planning, and leadership skills necessary to move with changing laws, technology, cultural issues, domestic and international trends. Coppin's College of Business offers the only four-year MSCHE and ACBSP-accredited Entertainment Management degree program in Maryland.

Industry Exposure

Students experience live and virtual industry insider events designed to create powerfully thought-provoking dialogue between the student body and entertainment industry professionals. Students meet and network with top industry leaders to learn about career opportunities, internships, and industry trends.

Choose Your Career

Gaming Compliance and Regulatory Project Manager
Security Risk Manager
Senior Manager, Gaming Experience
Revenue Audit Manager
Media & Demand Generation Manager, Casino
Mathematical Game Designer
Gaming Operations
Key Account Manager (Online Gaming)
Compliance Project Specialist
Hospitality Manager

Program Requirements

Students majoring in Entertainment Management must complete their GER requirements by taking 40 credit hours from the list of GER courses in consultation with their academic advisor and 42 credit hours in the College of Business core, 3 credit hours in business electives, and 5 credit hours in general electives. In addition, students majoring in Entertainment Management must complete 30 credit hours in Entertainment Management. Further specialization may be achieved by including 12 credit hours of music or casino and gaming as part of the 30 required credit hours.

Required Entertainment Management Courses (18 credits)

Course Credits Name
ENMGT 350 3 Introduction to Entertainment Management
ENMGT 355 3 Entertainment Law
ENMGT 360 3 Facility Management and Event Planning
ENMGT 365 3 Risk Management
ENMGT 480 3 Internship
MGMT 350 3 Business and Professional Ethics

Casino and Gaming Concentration

Required Courses (12 credits)

Course Credits Name
ENMGT 380 3 Principles of Casino and Gaming Management
ENMGT 410 3 Casino Security and Surveillance
ENMGT 420 3 Hospitality Management
ENMGT 435 3 Tourism Management
Students studying

750+ Course Options

The Coppin State University Academic Catalog has a wide variety of skill-building courses designed to inspire and prepare you to be in-demand professionals and transformational leaders.

Sample Course Plan

Be sure to connect with your academic advisor to plan your semester courses. The plan below is just an example—your journey may have different requirements.  

Fall Semester (16 credits)

Course credits name
ENGL 101 3 English Composition I
MATH 131 3 College Algebra for Mathematics and Science Majors
PHIL 102 3 Introduction to Logic
HIST 201 3 History I
ORIE 101 1 Freshman Seminar
MISY 150 3 Technology Fluency
ORIE 101 1 Freshman Seminar

Spring Semester (15 credits)

course credits name
ENGL 102 3 English Composition II
HIST 202 3 History II
PHSC 103 3 Technology and Human Affairs
SPCH 105 3 Introduction to Speech Communication
ECON 103 3 Introduction to Business & Entrepreneurial Economics

Fall Semester (16 credits)

Course credits name
XXXX xxx 3 Art/Humanities Elective **
PSYC 201 3 General Psychology
ACCT 201 3 Principles of Financial Accounting
ECON 211 3 Principles of Economics I
BDSC 322 3 Business Statistics

Spring Semester (16 credits)

Course credits name
WLIT 207 3 World Literature
BIOL 101 4 Biological Science
ACCT 202 3 Principles of Managerial Accounting
MISY 341 3 Small Systems Software
FINM 330 3 Principles of Business Finance

** Arts & Humanities - Select any one from the following: ART 103, MUSC 201, DANC 226, THEA 211, IDIS 102/IDIS 103, or FOLA 101. 

Fall Semester (15 credits)

Course credits name
MKTG 310 3 Principles of Marketing
BDSC 340 3 Operational Management
MGMT 305 3 Business Communication
MGMT 320 3 Principles of Management
BUSI 320 3 Fundamentals of Intl. Business

Spring Semester (15 credits)

Course credits name
BNMGT 350 3 Intro. to Entertainment Management
ENMGT 355 3 Entertainment Law
ENMGT 360 3 Facility and Venue Management
ENMGT 365 3 Risk Management
XXXX 3xx 3 College of Business Elective (350 or above)

Fall Semester (15 credits)

Course credits name
ENMGT 370 3 The Business of Music
MGMT 405 3 Artist Management
MGMT 350 3 Business and Professional Ethics
MGMT 420 3 Small Business Management
MKTG 430 3 Marketing Research

Spring Semester (13 credits)

Course credits name
XXXX 3xx 3 College of Business Elective (350 or above)
BUSI 495 3 Seminar in Business
ENMGT 480 3 Internship
XXXX xxx 4 Elective (READ 101 or general elective)
XXXX xxx 3 General Elective

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