Forensic Investigations

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Undergraduate Certificate


You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty—learn to be a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI).


Why study forensic investigations?

Crime thrillers, crime dramas, and forensic investigation shows have become such a popular genre for movies and television, and even some of the most popular podcasts. This media visibility continues to show new and larger audiences what crime and crime solving look like, Hollywood-style. But we don’t live in Hollywood, so how can you get the skills needed to become a CSI? Start with our certificate.

The need for forensic science technicians is projected to grow 14% over the next decade—much faster than other industries. Our certificate provides hands-on learning experiences in forensic science, investigative techniques, and criminal procedures. We can’t promise Hollywood, but we can give you the foundation to be even better (and more accurate) than what you see in movies and on television.

Certificate Requirements

To graduate with an undergraduate Certificate in Forensic Investigations, students must complete 18 credit hours:

Core Courses (18 credits)

Course Credits Name
CRJU 306 3 Criminal Investigation
CRJU 325 3 Forensic Science–From the Crime Scene to the Crime Lab
CRJU 326 3 Criminal Procedures
CRJU 486 3 Crime Scene Investigation I
CRJU 487 3 Forensic Science Lab I
CRJU 489 3 Advanced Investigative Techniques

Hands-On Learning

In the forensic investigations program, you'll learn essential facts, theories, principles, methods, skills, terminology, and modes of reasoning for a Crime Scene Investigator.

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Our Academic Catalog has a wide variety of skill-building courses designed to inspire and prepare you to be in-demand professionals and transformational leaders.

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