Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment

Degree Type

Graduate Certificate


Finding a job can be a major milestone, especially for persons with disabilities. Be the person who helps them keep it.


Whether at a job for a day, week, month or longer, there is always an adjustment period. And throughout the stages of professional development, we often have multiple adjustment periods depending on what’s happening in our lives as well as at work. For persons with disabilities, work adjustment may be even more challenging to navigate alone.

Through this program, students learn and apply the foundations of vocational education and adjustment. First and foremost, we prepare you to effectively deliver services with sensitivity and cultural awareness. You’ll also learn how to evaluate persons with disabilities, and provide related work adjustment services and recommendations that lead to improved employment outcomes and job retention.

Coursework covers a wide range of topics including computer assisted technology, evaluation measures, techniques and tools, data interpretation of assessment instruments, report writing, and ethics. Also, this certificate provides students with knowledge of the instruments and techniques used to assess personal characteristics (such as aptitude, achievement, interest, values, and other personal traits) as well as worker’s traits, vocational skills, limitations and assets.

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Certificate Requirements

To graduate with an graduate Certificate in Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment, students must complete 15 total credit hours inclusive of a 3 credit internship:

Certificate Courses (15 credits)

Course Credits Name
REHB 500 3 Sign Language I
REHB 507 3

Introduction to Assistive Technology

REHB 513 3 Introduction to Rehabilitation
REHB 526  3 Internship I
REHB 598 3 Vocational Evaluation and Assessment of Individuals with Disabilities

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Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment is in the Department of Psychology, Counseling, and Behavioral Health in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.