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College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Welcome to Coppin State University and the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Dean ObryantTo our freshmen, transfer students, and first year graduate students… welcome to Coppin State University…we are most happy to have you here; and to our returning Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students….welcome back to your educational home.  We are the College  of Behavioral and Social Sciences  (CBSS) at Coppin State  University – and congratulations on GOING PRO….that is… GOING PROFESSIONAL.   We are your professional family because WE’RE PRODUCING THE NEXT GENERATION OF PROFESSIONALS …and we will always be encouraging you to GO PRO!!   We are the professional family of the following undergraduate degrees: Applied Psychology, Criminal Justice,  Interdisciplinary Studies, Non-Profit Leadership, Political Science, Rehabilitation Services, Sociology, Social Science, Social Work, and Urban Studies.  Our graduate degrees are Addictions Counseling, Criminal Justice,  Human Service Administration Counseling, and Rehabilitation Counseling.  We also have 7 certificate programs:  Counseling Licensure, Job /development and Job Placement Services, Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment, Forensic Investigation, Investigative Sciences, Policing /strategies, and Non-Profit Leadership (through the Non-Profit Leadership Alliance).

The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences nurtures, guides and mentors you as students, assists you with your challenges, seeks life-enhancing opportunities whenever possible, provides soft and tough love as needed, shields you from harm as we are able, prepares you for a life of professional fulfillment and cherishes your ultimate successes as you reach the goals you set for yourselves…..because WE’RE PRODUCING THE NEXT GENERATION OF PROFESSIONALS!!

The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences provides multiple means of communication because having you knowledgeable and informed is important to us.  Our communication channels include our website at,/ the CBSS e- Informant Newsletter (which is on the website), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blackboard, listserv, and  Coppin E-mail.  We WANT open communication . . . because WE ARE FAMILY!!

Your CBSS Family provides stimulating and thoughtful opportunities for you to learn and grow in multiple venues designed to complement your classroom learning.  CBSS Professional Conversation Series introduces you to Coppin alumnae who earned the same degrees you are seeking; our fall and spring festivals alert you to exciting educational opportunities; and, our Graduate School 101 Workshop series is designed to prepare you for a rewarding educational experience after your undergraduate experience. We want all of your university experiences to be well-rounded, rewarding, and enriched . . . because WE ARE FAMILY!!

Your CBSS Family includes full-time and adjunct faculty and staff, university leaders and administrators, who provide the daily sustenance that makes our College a unique College. We encourage you to listen to their suggestions, adhere to their assignments, revere their expertise, cherish their allegiance and commitment to the success of all students and programs, and be forever grateful for their presence in the Coppin Community in general and the CBSS Family in particular . . . because WE ARE FAMILY!!

We encourage you to have high expectations of yourself, expects high-level effort, involvement, participation, adherence to high standards, and superior success . . . because WE ARE FAMILY !!

Best wishes, Family, for the best of everything in this academic year… and remember….Change is Inevitable …but Growth is Optional.Go for the gusto this year. Visit your advisors often, seek answers to your questions, attend the CBSS events, visit the CBSS website for job opportunities, scholarships, and internships, application for being a CBSS Student Ambassador, and much much more.. Help us help you be all that you can be and more…. WE WILL EMBRACE POSITIVE CHANGE, ENDURE CHALLENGING CHANGES, AND GROW SUCCESSFULLY TOGETHER ... because WE ARE FAMILY!!


Beverly J. O’Bryant, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, NCSC
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Social and Political Sciences. Psychology, Counseling and Behavioral Health.  Criminal Justice. Social Work. The social sciences. What do these fields of study all have in common? They all answer human needs.

An education you can put to workHuman service professionals meet human needs. And Coppin State University’s College of Behavioral and Social Sciences will get you ready to meet the needs of increasingly diverse populations—in the U.S. and beyond.

With eight undergraduate programs and five graduate programs in five departments of study, CSU’s College of Behavioral and Social Sciences provides a hands-on, interdisciplinary education that puts learning into action.

Small classes. World-class faculty. Personalized attention. An education tailored to your needs. Everything you won’t find anywhere else. The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences gets you ready for what’s next.




Certificate Programs

  • Forensic Investigation
  • Investigative Sciences
  • Job Development & Job Placement Services
  • Non-Profit Leadership certificate thru Non-Profit Alliance 
  • Policing Strategies
  • Professional Counselor Licensure (Post Masters)
  • Vocational Evaluation & Work Adjustment

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