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Department of Applied Social and Political Sciences


Through qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, meaningful understanding of behavior and social dynamics, community engagement, as well as public and nonprofit sector administration, we equip our students to successfully apply theory to practice in a complex and changing world.

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Don’t just dream about building a better world, use the knowledge you’ll learn here to make it happen.

Expand Your View of the World

People are at the heart of every society. Any collective of people makes up a community or culture. It is in these communities and cultures that we begin to design structures and systems that help our collectives thrive. By understanding how people, cultures, beliefs, and systems build the groundwork for the world around us, we learn how to build a better world. This is the value of the social and political sciences, as well as social science research.

Our focus is on research, methodology and critical thinking that prepare our students to lead and inform meaningful change.

Your academic success is as important to us as it is to you. Let us help you achieve your greatest aspirations and grow into your future-self! When you chose us we wholeheartedly chose and welcome you to ASPS where you will work closely with dedicated faculty and staff whose sole purpose is to get you across the finish-line! So let’s take this journey together!

Dr. Claudia D. Nelson, Chair

Our Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

We offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate applied social science programs that bridge theory to practice through social science perspectives and methodologies.

Undergraduate Programs


Interdisciplinary Studies

Nonprofit Leadership

Political Science


Social Science

Urban Studies

Graduate Program

Human Services Administration


We co-offer the Human Services Administration graduate program with the nearby University of Baltimore.

Coppin State University

Make Your Own Major

Choosing to major in Interdisciplinary Studies gives you the academic freedom to design your own curriculum.

What are our graduates up to?

In line with the larger Coppin mission, we strive to produce leaders and change agents ready to engage communities and meet the 21st-century workforce demands of governmental and nongovernmental organizations. In addition, many of our students graduate to pursue advanced studies in political science, public policy, law, public health, and administration.

Interested in attending law school?

Coppin and University of Baltimore School of Law have partnered to offer a unique law school preparation program called the Fannie Angelos Program for Academic Excellence. The Angelos Scholars Program and LSAT Award Program both include an LSAT prep course taught on Coppin’s campus each spring semester. Program application deadlines are in the fall.

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff bring an astounding breadth of experience while sharing common interests in engaging urban communities to understand and find solutions for contemporary problems.

Associate Professor


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Professional options and life decisions
Major and course selections
Research and literature regarding the African Community, history, politics, sociology
Associate Professor, Coordinator for Social Sciences and Anthropology


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Associate Professor


Photo of Tenyo Pearl
Campus Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and Program Coordinator, Nonprofit Leadership Program


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Assistant Professor


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Interdisciplinary Studies
Assistant Professor


photo of Ahmed Zohny
Associate Professor and Pre-Law Adviser



The Department of Applied Social and Political Sciences is within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.