Social Welfare

Degree Type



Improve the social-emotional wellbeing of individuals by understanding the communities and institutions that make us who we are.

Program Requirements

Students may elect to complete a minor in social welfare to complement a major in another human services field such as psychology, criminal justice, education, etc. The social welfare minor at Coppin requires the completion of the following courses (18 credits total):

Course Credits Name
SOWK 210 3 Introduction to Social Work
SOWK 260 3 Social Welfare and Social Policy I
SOWK 360 3 Social Welfare and Social Policy II
SOWK 388 3 Human Behavior and Social Environment I
SOWK 389 3 Human Behavior and Social Environment II
SOWK 390 3 Special Topics in Social Work *

* The program offers a number of Special Topics (SOWK 390) courses. Students can choose any one.

Admission Requirements

As with social work majors, students wanting to declare social welfare as a minor should obtain a Declaration of Major/Minor form from the social work main office and complete an intake interview with one of the faculty in the department. Like social work majors, students who minor in social welfare will be assigned an academic advisor from the social work faculty.

Students who minor in social welfare are advised that completion of the social welfare minor does not qualify them to sit for the social work licensure examination.


Social Welfare is in the Department of Social Work in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.