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collage of alumni executive board
Oct 27 2021

A Conversation with the CSU Alumni Executive Board

There are so many ocean metaphors. Some proclaim its beauty, and others its...
Jul 1 2021

Dorrian Wilson Wins Irene Ryan Scholarship

We proudly congratulate Coppin urban arts theatre major Dorrian Wilson, a rising...
Jul 1 2021

Department of Natural Sciences Student Accomplishments (2016-2020):

Department of Natural Sciences is very proud to highlight accomplishments of its...
sam davis
Feb 24 2021

Baltimore Sun Editor Guest Lecturer for CSU Class

The class, taught by Vanessa Russell, an adjunct professor and former journalist...
Veronica McCoy
May 21 2020

ESPN’s The Undefeated Featuring Coppin Student

ESPN’s The Undefeated to Feature Coppin Student in HBCU Day Tribute to 2020...