Title IX Compliance and Fair Practice

Title IX Compliance and Fair Practice

Coppin State University's policies, procedures, and training programs provide guidance and information for the purpose of educating our campus community. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that the University adheres to equal employment opportunity laws that govern workplace fairness and equality. Discrimination, affirmative action practices, cultural diversity and inclusion, Americans with disabilities and reasonable accommodation. CSU promotes the prevention of unfair employment actions through resources and training. The following information is to inform our students, faculty, staff, and volunteers that the University is committed in its efforts to comply with applicable federal and state laws.

If there is a conflict between the content on this website and the policies or law, the latter will govern

To file a complaint of sexual misconduct or if you have questions please contact the sources listed below:

Please direct your faculty and staff Title IX and Training questions to:

Coppin State University, Office of Human Resources, Compliance
TitleIXCoordinator@coppin.edu or call 410.951.3666
Dr. Lisa Horne Early, Assoc. VP, Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator

Please direct your Student Title IX and Training questions to:

Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Students,
Dr. Michael Freeman, VP, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
or call 410.951.3593