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When you enroll in classes at Coppin State University, you are beginning a personal and financial relationship with the University. This financial obligation means you must secure funding to pay all tuition and fees. This policy also applies to students whose tuition has been deferred. All students are responsible for all charges incurred for the semester in which you enroll in courses.

Coppin State University reserves the right to cancel classes, as well as assess late settlement and/or late registration fees for any student who fails to make payments of any indebtedness to the University when payment is due.

How will I get my bill?

The Bursar/Student Accounts Office sends all bills and statements to the student via CSU student email. Each student has a responsibility to forward bills and/or statements to parents or other responsible parties.

Student Payment Policies

There are many options available to help students arrange payment for tuition and fees.

Coppin provides students with payment plan options that allow you to pay tuition costs at a later date. Please note: tuition payment plans are only available for students who enroll in the current semester, and cannot be used to pay prior semester balances.

The Bursar/Student Accounts Office consults with students to arrange payment terms and due dates. Students may also need to pay a non-refundable fee to set up a payment plan.

There are multiple ways to pay, including online, in person, or phone:

If paying online:

  • Log into your EagleLINKS account to pay via Web Pay.

If paying in-person:

  • Visit the Cashier’s Station on the second level of the Administration Building.
  • After hours, leave payments in the dropbox located at the Cashier’s Station. We empty the dropbox each morning, and send receipts via mail.

If paying by telephone:

  • Contact the Bursar/Student Accounts Office at (410) 951-3691.
  • Reach out to the cashier directly at (410) 951-3677.

Yes, everyone who applies to CSU must submit this fee with a completed application. Please note, this fee in no way affects other student charges for which you are responsible.

Military service members and veterans must adhere to the same payment requirements as civilian and non-veterans students.

If you don’t pay your tuition and fees, your student account becomes delinquent. There may also be other consequences, including additional costs, impact to your credit rating or possible legal action, if you don’t pay your outstanding balances.

Per Maryland regulations, Coppin State University pursues collection of all monies owed. Coppin refers all accounts not paid to the State of Maryland Central Collections Unit (CCU). Please note, if your account is transferred to CCU, you are still responsible for the outstanding balance and additional collections costs that may equal 17% of the unpaid balance.

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Coronavirus CARES Student Grants

Did you receive a Federal CARES student grant in 2020? If so, make sure to stay current on the latest information.

Student Refunds

Refunds are an amount of money that comes back to the student if there is extra money after all tuition and fees have been paid. If your tuition and fees payment is more than the total cost of attendance, then you may be eligible for a refund payment.

The Student Accounts Office posts refund payments to your student account in the form of:

  • Financial aid awards
  • Scholarships
  • Third party payments
  • Direct payments
  • Other funding

To confirm your eligibility for a student refund, log into your EagleLINKS portal, then select “Detailed Account Summary” to review.

The State of Maryland Comptroller’s Office issues and mails refund checks to your student address on file. If you’re a student or paying for a student, make sure the student’s home, billing, and permanent address are kept updated.

Still have questions about student payment or refund policies? Reach out to the Student Accounts Office at (410) 951-3677.

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Reach out to us through your Coppin email for help with billing, payment plans, scholarships, tuition remission, and refunds. 

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