Student Account FAQs

Thinking about tuition and billing can feel stressful, so we’re here to help! We get a lot of questions, and bet if you have a question, other students do too. Read on to get the information you’re looking for and, if you still have questions, reach out via email or phone.

Accessing your student account

When it comes to accessing your student account, you've got options! Making payments, checking your student account, and getting answers to your most pressing questions are all possible online and in person.

How can I access my student account to make payments?

If you are an enrolled student, you have 24/7 access to your student account through EagleLINKS

  1. Go to your EagleLINKS account and log in
  2. After you log in, go to your Student Center
  3. Click on Account Summary
  4. Then click on Detailed Account Summary

Trouble accessing your student account or eBill? Give us a call at (410) 951-3677.

Understanding Tuition and Fees

You've got questions about tuition and fees—we've got answers! 

Visit Tuition and Fees for the most current information.

Students only have the option to waive the health insurance fee, and this option is only available if you have current health coverage. Go to your EagleLINKS account to learn more information and see next steps. If you qualify, be prepared to provide documentation of your current health care coverage.

Your textbooks and classroom materials are not free, but you may qualify for a book voucher through the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). You must submit a requested amount to OFA for approval. If your requested amount is approved, it reflects as a charge on your student account.

Still have questions about book vouchers? Contact OFA at (410) 951-3636, then select option 6.

What should I know about paying my Coppin tuition bill?

Coppin offers several flexible ways to pay your bill.

All tuition and fees are due before each semester begins. Check your current semester’s bill and important due dates in your EagleLINKS account. The Bursar and Student Accounts Office also posts tuition and bill alerts in the blue “EagleLINKS Announcements” box on your EagleLINKS portal homepage.

Still have questions after reviewing your student account online? Reach out to our office at (410) 951-3677.

Please note: Coppin does not mail tuition billing statements, so be sure to regularly check your EagleLINKS account to view your electronic billing statements (eBill).

Pay your bill with cash, checks, CSU payment plan, and all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Be sure to bring all cash payments to the Cashier’s Station; do not put cash in the mail!

If paying by check or money order, remember to:

  • make checks payable to Coppin State University (CSU) for the exact amount of charges
  • write your student ID number on all checks and money orders to Coppin
  • submit either personal or cashier’s checks ONLY. CSU does not accept two party, post-dated and starter checks

You should receive an eBill notification or a detailed account summary at least one week before your semester begins—if you do not have access or have not received an eBill notification by this time, contact us immediately at the Bursar and Student Accounts Office.

Yes, every student is responsible to pay tuition and fees charges for all your admitted and enrolled courses. You are still responsible to pay all tuition and fees charges regardless of if you attend classes or receive financial aid. There are many ways to secure funding prior to registering for classes, including financial aid, scholarships, private or federal loans, etc.

Coppin has transferred your student account balance to the State of Maryland for payment collection. You will not be able to register for classes until all outstanding accounts are paid in full.

Contact Us

Reach out to us through your Coppin email for help with billing, payment plans, scholarships, tuition remission, and refunds.

The Cashier is open Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

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