Charge Reduction and Refunds for Withdrawal Policy

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Coppin State University’s Charge Reduction and Refund Policy outlines:

  • University procedure for cancelling courses due to nonpayment
  • Charge adjustments due to University or course withdrawal
  • Tuition and fees refund schedule
  • Please note, this policy may be revised without notice.

Final date for refund or charge reduction eligibility is different from the final date to withdraw to avoid F grades.

Who is eligible for a charge reduction?

Coppin adjusts charges for students who:

  • Withdraw from the University
  • Withdraw from 11 or fewer credit hours

Students are not eligible for a credit-hour charge reduction if you register for a full-time schedule, and then drop to a part-time schedule after courses begin.

What should I know about completing my withdrawal?

Students must complete and sign the appropriate withdrawal forms before submitting them to the Office of Records and Registration. Keep in mind, submitting withdrawal forms is the only way to officially withdraw from courses or the University. Coppin does not recognize these actions as means of official withdrawal:

  • Failure to pay
  • Stop placement on a check

As the student, it is your responsibility to resolve billing issues, submit required withdrawal forms, and/or contact the appropriate Bursar/Student Account and/or Office of Records and Registration representative.

Course Drop and Cancellation Policies

Every student is responsible for securing funding to pay tuition and fees before the semester starts. Every student is also responsible for payment of tuition and fees charges for all admitted and enrolled courses. You are still responsible for payment regardless of:

If you are not planning to attend for the semester, be sure to complete, sign, and submit the course drop form to the Office of Records and Registration before the official start date of courses. If you do not submit your drop forms by the drop deadline, you may still be responsible to pay full tuition and mandatory fees.

How do I drop a class I cannot or no longer want to attend?

First, make sure you know the semester deadline to drop a course. If you do not drop your desired course(s), you may be charged tuition and fees and/or be in danger of earning failing grades.

There are 3 ways to complete a course drop transaction:

  • Attending or not attending the course(s)
  • Type of funding (i.e. financial aid, scholarships, third party payments, etc.) you receive
    • Log into your EagleLINKS portal to complete the online course drop process
    • Complete and sign the course drop form, then bring it to the Office of Records and Registration
    • Type and sign a letter with your request to drop the course(s), then mail or fax it to the Office of Records and Registration

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Reach out to us through your Coppin email for help with billing, payment plans, scholarships, tuition remission, and refunds.

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