Shernay Williams Delice

Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Health and Human Services Building, Suite 349
(410) 951-3389

Hometown: Pikesville, Maryland
High School: Urbana High School, Urbana, Illinois
Graduate School: Georgetown University - Master of Professional Studies in Public Relations and Corporate Communications, 2018
B.A. English, 2009

Shernay Williams Delice

Shernay Williams Delice is Founder and Director of a content marketing business that helps business and nonprofit clients develop digital content strategies. She recently launched The Black Mompreneur, an online platform that provides news, resources, and digital products to help mothers of color start and grow their businesses, as well as create generational wealth within the Black community. She has also created the website and service suite www.TheStorySuiteLLC.com. Prior to launching her own business, Shernay was a print and broadcast reporter in various news markets across the country.

“CSU and the Honors Program (were) a part of my family's life since before I was born. My mother always spoke highly of Coppin. Though she never attended CSU, her love for the school had an impact on my late sister, Shawyn (Williams) Jenkins, who became the first person in our immediate family to graduate from college. She chose Coppin and as an Honors student, she laid the blueprint for college success. It was only natural that I would follow in her footsteps.

When I started at Coppin in 2005, I was welcomed, supported, and empowered in a way that gave me the confidence to pursue (and now, to achieve) my professional goals. Working so closely with a cohort of equally driven students, especially during our first year, added to that nurturing experience. It (seemed we did) everything together! I remember moving on-campus a week before the semester began and meeting other Honors students. We took the same first-year courses, lived on the same dorm floor, and studied together. I have such fond memories. Not only did we have a great time, we were challenged to excel and prepare for the lives we wanted beyond college. I am forever grateful for the opportunities Coppin and the Honors Program have afforded me and my family over the years. I forgot to mention that I married one of the Honors students I met at Coppin!  We now have two beautiful boys.”

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