Career Services Center

Career Services Center

The mission of the Career Services Center is to deliver programs and services in concert with the university's mission that enable students to develop life-long skills in career planning thus enhancing their ability to make informed career decisions.

The Career Services Center seeks to fulfill this mission through the following interrelated program goals.

  • To help students identify their values, personality traits, interests and career goals.
  • To support students in refining and implementing their career goals.
  • To assist students in acquiring information and competencies that enhance their academic success and awareness of varied industries and occupations.
  • To provide services and resources that support students in identifying satisfying employment and graduate/professional school opportunities.
  • To develop relationships with employers that provide experiential, part-time, summer and full-time professional employment opportunities for students.
  • To support the overall development of students, the mission of the Division of Student Affairs and the institution.

Coppin State University uses College Central Network as its official resume and job posting service. Local employers post jobs exclusively to our school via the CCN site. Students and alumni create your account profile at to:

  • Easily search and apply to local and national Full-time, Part-time, Internship/Co-op job opportunities
  • Create and upload your resume and career portfolio to make available to employers
  • Access event announcements, career advice documents, podcasts, videos and articles


Career Exploration Day
Annual career fair held in October where employers and graduate/professional schools representatives come to market their opportunities and recruit potential candidates for job vacancies and post-Baccalaureate programs.

Career Exploration Day Website

Internships and Cooperative Education
Internships and cooperative education are career related opportunities that allow students to gain hands on experience in an occupation before graduating. Students who register with the Career Services Center are eligible to apply for these opportunities which are received daily from a wide variety of employers.

National Urban Leagues Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP) Career Awareness Seminar
Executives and managers, representing companies and agencies that partner with the National Urban League, visit classrooms and share their insights into different careers and employers' expectations of job candidates. Students hear first-hand what will be required of them as new hires in a professional environment.

On-Campus Recruitment Program
This program is designed to provide opportunities for the employer and student to meet. Employers and/or graduate schools are invited to recruit students by conducting individual interviews, information sessions, or classroom presentations; and setting up information tables in the student center. Employers coordinate their schedules with the recruitment coordinator.

Professional Development Seminar for Seniors
This event held early in September gives seniors a jump-start on navigating the job search process. In addition to hearing from a panel of successful alums, seniors participate in career preparation workshops including Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Overall Presentation Skills, Interviewing Techniques, Identifying Mentors, and the Federal Application Process.

Professional Networking Day
Professionals from various industries rotate to different classes and give presentations on the art of networking. They discuss the nuances of networking and share examples of how they have networked to grow in their respective careers. The day culminates in a luncheon where students have the opportunity to practice networking with the professionals.

Spring Job Fair
Annual job fair held in March where employers actively seek students for part-time, summer & full-time jobs as well as internships and cooperative education opportunities.

Spring Job Fair Website

System of Interactive Guidance and Information 3 or SIGI 3
This is a self-directed online career exploration program that allows students to conduct an assessment of their work-related values, interests and skills. SIGI 3 will then use this information to generate a list of career options. You may use SIGI 3 to research those career options to assist you in choosing a major or an occupation. You can obtain up to date information such as educational requirements, descriptions of work activities and salary ranges on hundreds of occupations. SIGI 3 is available to all CSU students 24 hours per day on our website.
The Career Services Center staff recommends that you meet with a career counselor for an interpretation of your SIGI 3 report and to explore other resources that can assist you in making informed career decisions. Contact the Center to schedule an appointment.

Teacher Recruitment Day
School Systems that are actively recruiting are invited to the campus to conduct scheduled interviews with graduating education majors. This event is held in April.

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We welcome the opportunity to serve you as an alumnus in many other ways! We are available to assist you in your job search, for career coaching, mock interview sessions, and other career needs. Please contact the center to schedule an appointment, (410) 951-3919.