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Policing Strategies (Post Baccalaureate Certificate)

Certificate in Policing Strategies (Graduate Level)

Criminal Justice

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences


The post baccalaureate Policing Strategies Certificate is designed to provide prospective and current police officers, supervisors and commanders the advanced education required to address the increasingly complex demands being placed upon them. These demands include improved relationships with the community, communications, diversity and interpersonal skills, effective enforcement strategies and crime analysis, terrorism and homeland security responsibilities, recent developments in constitutional law and criminal procedure, leadership and management skills and the use of intelligence, information and data in administrative, operational, tactical and strategic decision making. This certificate is specifically designed to address these issues.

The policing strategies certificate requires a total of 18 credit hours. The certificate will enhance professional preparedness for those seeking or serving in mid-level law enforcement management positions It is anticipated that many of the students who will enroll in this program will already be employed in the criminal justice system looking to enhance their skills and careers. Qualified students will receive a post-baccalaureate certificate in Policing Strategies upon successful completion of six three-credit graduate courses. These courses may also be used to fulfill the requirements toward completion of Master's of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

Core Courses
18 Credits

The six courses are as follows:

CRJU 533
The Dynamics of Police Community Relationships
CRJU 534
Terrorism and Homeland Security
CRJU 535
Compstat, Crime Analysis & Mapping and Strategic-Oriented Policing
CRJU 536
Intelligence Led Policing and Intelligence Analysis
CRJU 525
Criminal Procedure
CRJU 564
Criminal Justice Management