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Undergraduate Nursing

We graduate servant leaders dedicated to working with families, groups, vulnerable and underserved patients.

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Become a Coppin Nurse

Welcome to the Helene Fuld School of Nursing (HFSON)! We are so excited you’re considering becoming a Coppin nurse! Step into our rich legacy of nurturing potential and transforming the lives of our students and communities. Our students are transforming the healthcare delivery system across acute care, ambulatory care, and community settings.

We encourage our students to be active participants in the teaching-learning environment. Our students get access to clinical and community experiences throughout the greater Baltimore region, including:

  • Take a Love One to the Doctor Day
  • Power to End Stroke
  • World AIDS Day
  • Pythias A. Virginia I. Jones African American Community Forum on Memory Loss.

Upon graduation from the HFSON, our students are equipped to pursue lifelong learning master’s and/or doctorate-level nursing education. Our program continues to prepare professional nurses who go on to work locally and around the world. Further expansion of our program focuses on global outreach in Barbados and Quito, Ecuador.

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Nursing is not just a career, it is an opportunity to change someone’s life, health, attitude, education, and do evidence-based research. Our graduates have gone on to be mangers, directors, chiefs of nursing, instructors, coordinators, travel nurses, and to get their DNP. We have top-of-the-line simulation centers, one of the first nursing programs to implement all testing on computers in our curriculum to assist our students to pass the NCLEX-RN on the first attempt, and first to implement partnerships with community colleges for the RN to BSN dual enrollment programs.

Dr. Danita Tolson Baccalaureate Nursing Education Chairperson

Student Resources

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Get information on Orientation, uniforms, and required next steps for all admitted nursing students.

Learn the grading scale for nursing courses—and our resources to help you be successful.

Our Programs

Rooted in all of our programs is the foundation that nursing is a scientific and clinical practice discipline. We train our students to use evidence-based interventions to promote, maintain, and restore adaptive responses in patients. 

There is such a critical need for nursing professionals today—and this need is growing. In addition to this shortage, there is a need for nurses committed to continual growth and serving underserved urban and global communities. Each of our undergraduate and graduate programs speak to this need for culturally sensitive education.

As undergraduates, students begin to demonstrate analytical skills, and increased abilities to incorporate emerging information systems and technology to improve and transform healthcare. Our master’s and doctoral programs continue to build on these undergraduate foundations. Graduates incorporate advanced theory, research, advocacy, leadership and clinical skills with an emphasis on independent and interprofessional practice required to assume responsibility and accountability for the health promotion, assessment, diagnosis, and management of culturally diverse clients' problems across settings. 

Nursing Departmental Honors Program

The Nursing Departmental Honors Program is an adjunct of the University Honors Program. To be eligible for any Departmental Honors Program, you must be a current nursing student and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average
  • Have earned at least 60 credits
  • Have successfully completed the General Studies Honors Program.
  • Have demonstrated outstanding ability in your field of study

Upon completion of the first 2 years of matriculation in the General Studies Honors Program and with the Dean's approval, nursing students may earn departmental honors through participation in the Honors program.

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HFSON administration, faculty and staff commit to excellence in teaching, evidence-based practice, scholarship and community service. Our faculty relish the opportunity to discuss the curriculum, scholarship and community-based research and service.

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