Maxie Collier Scholars Program

Purpose of the Maxie Collier Program

The Purpose of the Maxie Collier Scholars Program is to establish and maintain a professional education model which will ensure the selection, preparation, and socialization of promising undergraduate students at Coppin State University for completion of undergraduate school requirements and placement in professional behavioral health career positions in the State of Maryland.

More specifically, the charge is to prepare Coppin State University students from the fields of Criminal Justice, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Psychology, and Social Work, with a recommended minimum of two years remaining for completion of undergraduate work, who will be well trained and available to serve children, adolescents and their families in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

The Program is funded by the Maryland Department of Health Behavioral Health Administration. Partners of the Program include the Department of Health, the Behavioral Health Administration, Coppin State University, University of Maryland at Baltimore, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Behavioral Health Systems, Baltimore, and the Black Mental Health Alliance.

Program Goals

The goal of the Maxie Collier Scholars Program is to educate and recruit more African-American professionals into professional behavioral health career positions in the State of Maryland.

Maxie Collier Scholars receive an enriched, career focused, academic background; financial support; graduate school preparation; internship experience; access to a network of career placement resources; and financial resources which encourage and support their educational advancement.

Program Elements

  • Behavioral Health Seminar (Emerging Issues in Behavioral Health and Well Being)
  • Internships
  • Stipends
  • Graduate School Mentors
  • Individual Advisement
  • Coppin Undergraduate Faculty Advisors
  • Enrichment Activities
Dr. Maxie T. Collier

The program is expected to promote college-wide interest in behavioral health issues at CSU. It is also expected to increase community awareness of resources to assist people who are interested in a career in the field of behavioral health.

The project is named for the late Dr. Maxie T. Collier, former Baltimore City Commissioner of Health and practicing psychiatrist.

Apply by March 6, 2022

Please complete and include the following documents in your application packet:

  • Application Form (pdf)
  • Personal Statement: Responses to three questions on application
  • Signed applicants’ agreement included in application
  • Proof of Maryland residency
  • Three submissions addressing your strengths and why you should be selected as a Scholar (TWO submissions from CSU professors and ONE submission from a community person, ex: supervisor, clergy member, volunteer coordinator): Online Recommendation Form

Submit Your Application Packet

Applications may be submitted in person or by email. Please submit the complete application packet to:

Eligible Applicants will be invited for interviews to be held March 16, 2022.

Faculty and Staff

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