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Here's just some of the wonderful collaborations we've been excited to be a part of over the years

Collaboration with the Applied Research & Photonics Company in Harrisburg, PA

The nanotechnology center collaborates with the Applied Research & Photonics Company in Harrisburg, PA on terahertz spectroscopic and imaging studies.

Collaboration with the Applied Research & Photonics Company in Harrisburg, PA
Dr. Anis Rahman (extreme right) of & Applied Research & Photonics Company in Harrisburg, PA, together with other Center for Nanotechnology collaborators, during a conference at Coppin State University

Collaboration with Dr. Briol Ozturk, Physics & Engineering Physics Department Morgan State University

Collaborative research on nanoscale imaging and highly selective detection of biological molecules.

Collaboration with Dr. Hongtao Yu, Natural Science Department, Morgan State University

Collaborative research on the synthesis, characterization and environmental application of Silver Nanoparticles.

Collaboration with UMBI (CFS)

Nanotechnology and Metal Enhanced  Fluorescence Research Collaboration was started with UMBI (CFS) and  in the summer of  2008.  Principal Investigators: Dr. Jamal Uddin (CSU) and  Dr. J. Lakowicz (UMBI). This is a dramatic increase in the fluorescence emission of fluorophores held at precise distances  (50 Å  to 200 Å) above nano roughened metal surfaces. Result of the research is an amplified image of cancer cells resulting in  early cancer detection and  reduced loss of life.

Down collaborators
(From Left to Right): Dr. Ramachandram Badugu (UMBI),  Dr. Jamal Uddin (CSU), Dr. Hyeonggon Kang (CSU) and  Dr. J. Lakowicz (UMBI). 

International Collaboration - with Research Center for Light Rail, Japan

Collaboration research started in summer 2013 (Solar Light Rail) with Shonan Research Center for Light Rail Transit (Japan), Tama Art University (Japan) and CSU. Principal Investigator: Dr. Jamal Uddin (CSU, USA) and Dr. Hidetoshi Katsuma and Kameya Takaki (TAU, Japan).

  Takaki Kameya, PhD Candidate, Tokyo University of Technology with some members of the Center for Nanotechnology

Collaboration with Penn State University

We have a collaboration with Penn State University and part of the Remotely Accessible Instruments for Nanotechnology (RAIN) allows students to access and control microscopes, like FESEM-field emission scanning electron microscopes, and analytical tools, like EDS-energy (X-ray) dispersive spectroscopy, to look at nano-sized materials from the ease of classrooms, or even home computers, all across the country. Students control the tools over the Internet in real-time and with the assistance of an experienced engineer at the microscope advising over video conferencing software.

Penn State Collaboration
Group photo with Robert Ehrmann from Penn State University who was the guest speaker at that 3rd International Science Symposium held at the Science and Technology Center at Coppin State University.

Collaboration with Nanochemistry Center at UMBC

Collaboration research (Gold Nanoparticles and EM characterization) started with UMBC and CSU in January, 2016 - to date. Principal Investigator: Dr. Jamal Uddin (CSU) and Dr. Marie-Christine Daniel (UMBC).

Dr Daniel
Dr. Marie-Christine Daniel receiving a certificate of participation from Dr. Jamal Uddin after giving a talk at 3rd Annual Science Symposium held at Coppin State University.

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