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About the Office

Formerly known as the Office of External Affairs, the Office of University Relations (UR) supports and promotes the image and mission of Coppin State University through a variety of services. Public Relations and Communications, Marketing, Creative Services and Project Management are the primary operational units. University Relations provides a variety of services and programs for the university community, the news media, and the public.

Public Relations and Communications

Public Relations and Communications communicates University news and information to internal constituents including faculty, students, alumni; and staff, as well as, external constituents including media, the federal and local governments, and neighboring communities.

Consisting of writing, editorial, and public affairs personnel, Public Relations and Communications is also responsible for enhancing the institution's image and helping to relay Coppin State University's mission more effectively to parents, faculty, alumni, potential donors, prospective students, and the general public.

Public Relations is charged with developing press releases, as well as submitting them to radio, print and television media. Planning press conferences, developing media relations and providing the University with media crisis management are also among the services that Public Relations provides.


Marketing is charged with promoting Coppin to increase awareness, support and loyalty among those who are vital to Coppin's success. Marketing also provides guidance to the campus community in an effort to maintain consistent institutional messages and graphic identity as part of the University's strategic branding campaign.

Marketing is also charged with ensuring that a strong, positive image is communicated proactively to all internal and external audiences and to promote an accurate and positive image that is consistent with the University's mission. Marketing is also responsible for serving as a support mechanism for assisting with the promotion, planning and execution of special events on campus and in the community.

Creative Services

Creative Services establishes official policies and standards for the content and design of Coppin's printed publications. Creative Services also assists university clients in producing selected communications.

Creative Services specializes in producing high-quality marketing, promotional, recruitment, fund-raising, and informational communications for a wide range of university clients.

Comprised of editorial, graphic design, videography and photography professionals, the staff coordinate their talents to provide full services for planning, developing, and producing a wide range of communications, such as brochures, capital campaign materials, and admission packets. Departments may provide verbiage and basic framework for each project with the understanding that Creative Services will ensure that the final product will reflect institutional integrity, identity and consitancy.

Printed and electronic publications produced by Creative Services preserve the integrity of Coppin's identity and promote the university though materials that exhibit conceptual, editorial, and visual excellence.

In cases where departments produce their own communications, it is the responsibility of every Coppin employee to maintain the institution's identity by following the guidelines set forth in Coppin's Visual Standards Manual. The Visual Standards Manual can be downloaded from here. Creative Services reserves the right to halt the production of any communication that has not followed Coppin's guidelines or that may jeopardize the integrity or identity of the institution.

Project/Office Management

Project/Office Management is the first point of contact for requests for services. Primary responsibilities of office management include the coordination of marketing, public relations and creative service projects. Additionally project management will coordinate select special events and programs, on and off campus to showcase Coppin's strengths to current and potential supporters. Office Management will track departmental expenses, generate invoices, and handle billing.

The ultimate goal is to work in accordance with both the University and departments to fulfill the University’s mission and goals.

Contact Information

Office (410) 951-4200
Fax: (410) 951-4201
Media Inquiries: (410) 951-3804