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Miles Connor Administration Bldg., 2nd Floor, Suite 224
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The role of the Budget Office at Coppin State University is to provide financial support to all departments within the university. This support includes managing and allocating the university's financial resources, developing, and monitoring budgets, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations and policies. In addition to these responsibilities, the Budget Office also works collaboratively with other departments and Stakeholders to achieve the overall mission of the university. This may involve coordinating financial resources and strategies with academic departments, students services, and other administrative units to support the university's goals and objectives.  Overall, the Budget Office plays a critical role in ensuring that the university's financial resources are effectively managed and utilized to support the mission of the institution, which includes providing high-quality education, research, and community service to its students and surrounding community.

The Budget Office works in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and refers to budget preparation guidance from:

Provides a graph of the Estimated FY2024 allocation by Program
Present allocation by Program


Operating Budget Cycle/Calendar

Month CSU


(and other USM reports as requested) 


A & F conducts revenue estimates;submits base budget allocations to VPs

Room, Board, and Parking fee amounts are due



Budget decisions finalized by General Assembly and USM


Internal budget discussions between A & F and each VP; completion of budget forms by each VP

Budget Amendment processed (if needed)


Compilation of budget for final review by VPAF prior to being loaded in PeopleSoft

Tuition and Fee rates are finalized by BOR


Departmental budgets are loaded into PeopleSoft




Preliminary Budget info for State-Supported working budget


Actual expenditure analysis

  • Budget Officers Meeting

  • Working Budget Amendment due

  • USM Compensation Report due

  • System Office Overhead projection is due

  • Tuition and Fees for next fiscal year

  • Tuition policy and cost of education calculations are due



Budget instructions from USM for the next fiscal year



Operating budget submission for the next fiscal year; Target reduction plan submission (if required)


Mid-Year Budget Analysis/Review

  • Receipt of Governor's Confidential Allowance for the next fiscal year

  • DBM adjustments to Budget Request for next fiscal year are due (mandatory cost allowance)


Prepare draft of tuition and mandatory fees for next fiscal year

  • Announcement of Governor's operating budget

  • Mandatory cost schedule is due

  • DLS Financial Aid report is due


  • President's Budget Testimony

  • Legislative hearings in Annapolis; House and Senate


Contact Us

Cherlyn H. Brace
Assistant Vice President for Finance


Regina Blaine-Taylor
Budget Associate


Michael Tucker
Associate Budget Director


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In PeopleSoft Financials: Commitment Control -> Review Budget Activities -> Budget Overview

  • In PeopleSoft Financials: Commitment Control -> Budget Report -> Budget Transaction Detail

  • In PeopleSoft Financials: Purchasing -> Purchasing Orders -> Reports -> Review PO Information -> Document Status

  • In PeopleSoft Financials: Purchasing -> Purchase Orders: -> Reports -> Req and PO Budgetary Activity

  • In PeopleSoft Financials: Purchasing -> Purchase Orders: -> Reports -> Req and PO Budgetary Activity