Instructional Leadership and Professional Development

Department of Instructional Leadership and Professional Development

The Department of Instructional Leadership and Professional Development (ILPD) offers programs designed to meet a multiplicity of needs for diverse adult learners. There is still a belief in this relatively new millennium that leadership is reserved for only a few. This begs the question- Can leadership be taught; or are leaders born? The ILPD fosters active and adult learning by first assuming that people can learn the attitudes, skills and knowledge associated with good management practices. Responding to recent statistical data that adults and particularly the elderly represent our most rapidly growing populations, we meet the challenge of offering programs that are current, relevant, and provocative. Our area has been in existence since 1982 and has prepared more than 400 practitioners for key positions in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area and surrounding counties and states to better serve its diverse K-12 and adult populations in meeting social, educational, and health needs. With the increasing need for nontraditional programming, our department is poised to meet the challenges of addressing these critical programmatic needs with programs such as the Master of Science in Adult and Continuing Education; The Master of Education in Contemporary Educational Leadership; School Administrator I Certification, and the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction.