Adult and Continuing Education

Degree Type

Master of Science


How we learn changes as we age, so how we teach should change too. Learn how to teach and design learning opportunities for adult and aging learners.


Adult education focuses on creating learning opportunities for adult and aging populations. This growing field extends across instruction, curriculum development, counseling, government, and other industries. With a wide range of meaningful opportunities, adult education offers practitioners to pursue careers as instructors, counselors, and administrators and help others pursue lifelong learning.

Learn how to: 

  • Apply adult learning and development theory to instruction, counseling, and training
  • Assess diverse adult learner needs. Use numerous instructional strategies, tools, and practices to meet learner needs
  • Apply theory to practices through models and tools for adult education
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate adult education instruction, courses, and programs
  • Develop inclusive adult education curricula, courses, and programs
  • Prepare scholarly research and activities
  • Problem solve ethical challenges

Encourage Lifelong Learning

This program focuses on training professionals for both general and specialized careers within adult education, counseling, and training programs. Coursework helps you understand adult learners, along with their motivations and needs. You can also choose to enhance understanding through a specialty:

  • Administration and Supervision
  • Gerontology
  • Family Counseling

Program Requirements

All students admitted to the M.A.T. program become teacher candidates. The department assigns each candidate an advisor to help plan your course schedule throughout your program journey.

Credit hours in this program split between:

  • Core requirements
  • Specialization courses


Core Courses (18 credits)

Course credits Name
ADLT 500 3 Foundations of Adult Education
ADLT 501 3 The Adult Learner
EDUC 705 3 Strategies for Curriculum Development
ADLT 503 3 Counseling Adults
ADLT 504 3 Practicum


Choose to specialize in a focused area. 

Administration and Supervision 

This specialty focuses on leadership development for leaders and administrators of adult education, counseling, and training programs. Our students prepare to become administrators, counselors, and educators.

Specialization Courses
course credits name
EDUC 707 3 Administration of Education Programs
EDUC 655 3 Supervision of Instruction
ADLT 512 3 Planning, Programming and Budgeting For Education Programs
ADLT 513 3 Sociology of Community and Community Development
EDUC 582   Research Methods in Social and Behavioral Sciences (Prerequisite for ADLT 600)
ADLT 600 3

Seminar in Graduate Research (Taken after 21 credits)


In this specialty, you learn about the clinical and theoretical aspects as well as the effects of aging. You’ll also learn more about roles that support persons throughout the aging process, like home health providers, and family caregivers. Upon graduation, students will be able to analyze and design government responses to aging.

Specialization Courses
course credits name
ADLT 530 3 Environment of Aging
ADLT 531 3 Nutrition Problems of the Aging
ADLT 532 3 Developmental Psychology of Adult Years and Aging
ADLT 533 3 Process of Aging
EDUC 582 3 Research Methods in Social and Behavioral Sciences
ADLT 600 3 Seminar in Graduate Research


Family Counseling 

This is the only specialty that requires a 6-credit practicum experience. Students learn theory and application of family intervention strategies. Additional focus areas include dynamics of family systems theory and marriage counseling, as well as related counseling techniques.

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Adult and Continuing Education lives in the Department of Instructional Leadership and Instructional Development in the School of Education within the College of Arts & Sciences, and Education