Getting Your Eagle Card

Next Steps to Get Your Eagle Card

You've attended New Student Orientation. You've met with your academic advisor, and registered for classes. What's next? Getting your Eagle Card!  You'll need to submit your photo and verify your identity.

How to Take Your Eagle Card Photo

You can submit your photo virtually.

  1. Check your Coppin email for a message from Eagle Card - Online Photo
  2. Click the "Submit Your Photo" link within the email
  3. Enter your Coppin Email Address if necessary to request access
  4. Take a full head shot picture in front of a plain white or lightly colored background (make sure you face forward and look directly at the camera)

Picture ID Requirements 

  • No headwear (religious coverings are acceptable)
  • No sunglasses (including prescription sunglasses)
  • Prescription glasses are ok—your eyes cannot be hidden, and the glasses cannot glare in your photo
  • No filters, other people, animals, objects, or added text 

How to Verify Your Identity

Please be prepared to Upload your Valid Government Issued Identification

  • Valid passport with photo
  • Military ID card with photo
  • Valid U.S. state-issued driver's license or ID with photo
  • Valid U.S. federal government ID with photo

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Korey Spellman
Administrative Assistant