Eagle Card Services

Your Key to Campus

The Coppin State University eagle card

Your Eagle Card is your official Coppin State University ID. It’s a safe and convenient way to flex your spending power on campus, getting cashless access to goods, services, facilities, and events throughout the entire campus.

What is the Coppin Eagle Card? 

Your Card is your key to all things Coppin. Use it to:

  • Check out books, materials, and technology in the Library
  • Access recreation and wellness resources in the Wellness Center
  • Get free or discounted admission to athletic and campus events
  • Purchase books and materials at the bookstore
  • And much more!

What information is on my Eagle Card?

Your Card has a front and a back. The front of your card has your:

  • First and last name
  • 7-digit Coppin ID#
  • Photo
  • 16-digit card number (similar to a credit card number)
  • Classification (i.e. student, faculty, staff, etc.)

The back of your card has your:

  • Library barcode and number
  • 5-digit Prox #

Next Steps With Your Eagle Card

We encourage you to get familiar with your Eagle Card! Need more information on how to get one, where it works, and how to use it? Check out these resources!

A closeup of a smiling female student

How to Get Your Eagle Card

Get your key to campus.

Talon Center and Eagle's Nest Market

Where to Use Your Eagle Card

All the places on campus you'll need it.

A female student shops for clothing in the Coppin campus bookstore

How to Use Your Eagle Card

A little card with a lot of uses.

Are you a residential student?

Apply to replace your Eagle Card

How do I care for my Eagle Card?

Protect your card the same way you protect your cash, credit cards, or other valuable possessions. Our office also sells $5.00 lanyards that help keep your card in good condition. Here are a few other helpful tips that can help you prevent damage to your Eagle Card:

  • Avoid adding tape or stickers to your Card
  • Avoid punching holes in your Card

Also, keep your Eagle Card away from things that may cause damage, including:

  • Irons and excessive heat
  • Strong magnetic devices
  • Inventory control pads (often found near cash registers)

How does my Eagle Card work?

You can use your Eagle Card for several different things across campus, including as a form of payment for on-campus purchases in the Bookstore, Convenience Store, and other retailers. It works as a pre-paid account you can deposit funds into. And you'll only spend the funds you have available, and never need to worry about account overdrafts.

How do I use my Eagle Card to get into campus facilities?

Your Eagle Card also gets you into campus buildings and campus events. Your card has a proximity # which is the key to door access to all campus facilities. Tap your Eagle Card on the card access panel on building doors to gain access.

How can I manage my account?

You can register and manage your Eagle Card account online.

Make sure when you register your account, you are ready with your last name and Student ID #. When registering your account, use your Coppin user name and remember to create a unique password. 


What should I do to replace my lost, stolen, or damaged Eagle Card?

The very first thing to do is log in to your Eagle Card account to suspend your lost card. Once you suspend your card, no one—including you—will be able to use it for purchases or building access. If you find your Eagle Card, remember to reactivate it! If you aren't able to find your card, stop by our office to get your replacement.


Remember, there is a fee to replace your Eagle Card:

  • $30.00 for students in on-campus housing
  • $15.00 for commuter students, faculty, and staff

To get your replacement Eagle Card, take your payment to the Cashier's Office on the 2nd floor of the Miles Connor Administration Building, then bring your receipt to Eagle Card Services. There is no fee to replace Cards damaged or unusable because of normal use.

Eagle Card Manager


Korey Spellman
Administrative Assistant