The Undeniable Impact of The Arts: Conversations with Creative Educators and Entrepreneurs

The Undeniable Impact of the Arts Conversations with Creative Educators and Entrepreneurs

Artists inspire change and innovation, contribute to the economy, break down culture barriers, stimulate healthy lifestyles, and promote artistry as a form of communication. The purpose is for young artists to embrace their talent, recognize their creative genius, and value their creativity as a commodity!

The intention of this round-table discussion is to expose and engage young artists in a dialogue centered around education and entrepreneurship. Particularly, discussing the true impact in/on arts communities, college campuses and career development. There is an undeniable impact of the arts on academic landscapes and business environments.

Join professional artists/educators/directors as they delve deep into a creative conversation about valuing self as an artist, career opportunities, strategies for generating and sustaining resources, finding one’s choreographic and performance niche, international study, professional development and internships!

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Dr. Vanessa Jackson
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