Copyright Infringement

Intellectual Property Protections

ITS is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for all students, faculty, and staff in the Coppin community. One of our main responsibilities in this role is to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This federal law protects any intellectual property created for personal and/or academic use, and applies to:

  • Music
  • Video games
  • Images
  • Text
  • Other media

What is copyright infringement?

When someone downloads or shares copyrighted material without permission from the person or group who has the legal rights to the information—also known as the copyright holder. Copyright infringement is a direct violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and is strictly prohibited at Coppin.

What are the consequences for copyright infringement?

Depending on the severity of the copyright infringement, consequences vary. However, it may be cause for civil litigation and/or criminal prosecution. In some cases, a settlement may be possible. Punishments can include financial payments, criminal record, jail time, as well as Coppin State University disciplinary proceedings.

How does Coppin notify people about copyright infringement?

ITS notifies user when we receive a formal written complaint from a copyright holder. In out notification to the user in violation, we ask them to:

  • Remove the copyrighted material off their devices, then
  • Notify ITS they have complied with the request

Protect Yourself—and Your Content

Some copyrighted material may be available for public use. Be sure to check before you incorporate or sharing someone else' content with your own. If you are unable to secure permission to use a copyrighted work, you may need to pursue legal alternatives.

File Sharing

Sharing pirated information and files across software and networks violates copyright agreements. Information on these platforms may be more vulnerable to unauthorized users who may compromise the safety and confidentiality of sensitive information.

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