Campus Evacuation Routes


It is the mission of the Coppin State University Police Department (CSUPD) to improve the human condition by providing a safe environment in which to learn, work, and visit. The CSUPD is committed to cultivating a relationship of collaboration and trust with our students, faculty, staff, and visitors by maintaining open, respectful communication and partnerships whiles providing the highest level of customer service and protection to our Campus Community. We will maintain the highest level of professionalism and readiness while remaining open to critique. As the vision of public safety continues to evolve, we pledge to always keep the safety of our Coppin Campus Community as our top priority. 

Speak to
Chief Dameon Carter
Mon-Thu: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Fri: 9:00 am- 3:00 pm
Physical Education Complex, Suite 272
(410) 951-6997

Are you concerned about your or another person's immediate safety? Dial 911 or call Campus Police at 410.951.3911.

Evacuation Routes

Administration Building

  • 1 South exit (front doors)
  • 1 Northeast exit (near motor pool)
  • 1 Northwest exit (near Loop road)

Tawes Center Basement Level

  • 1 East exit (facing Coppin Center)
  • 1 North exit (facing Administration)

Tawes Center 1st Floor

  • 2 Southwest and Southeast exits (front doors)
  • 1 Northwest exit (rear door)
  • 1 Northwest exit (inside of Student Activities Office)
  • 1 West exit (inside of the janitor’s closet, in the canteen area)


  • 8 East exits (front doors, 6 on northeast end and 2 on southeast end)
  • 1 Southside basement level (southeast corner)
  • 1 Southside basement level (southwest corner)
  • 1 West exit (stage area but that door has a lock on it)

Health and Human Services Building

(elevator lobby point of view as if exiting the elevators)

1st floor (elevator lobby)

  • To the left stair #2
  • To the right main entrance/exit
  • 1st floor north (elevator lobby)
  • Hallway rooms 124 to 133 North Ave entrance/exit
  • 1st floor south (elevator lobby)
  • (To the left)
  • hallway rooms 102 to 118 left go straight then left then right to the right stair #1
  • (To the right)
  • hallway rooms 102 to 118 straight then to the right exit stair #1

2nd floor (elevator lobby)

  • To the left stair #2
  • 2nd floor north(elevator lobby)
  • Hallway rooms 201 to 215 make left keep straight bare right to exit door to take steps to North Ave entrance/exit or keep straight onto the bridge exit
  • 2nd floor south(elevator lobby)
  • (To the left)
  • hallway 201 to 211 straight then a right and stair #1
  • (To the right)
  • hallway 201 to 211 straight and to the right is stair #1

3rd floor (elevator lobby)

  • To left stair #2
  • 3rd floor north(elevator lobby)
  • North of elevator hallway straight onto the left is exit stair #3
  • 3rd floor south(elevator lobby)
  • (To the left)
  • hallway 312 to 318 make a left straight on then a right and exit stair #1
  • (To the right)
  • hallway 302 to 310; 324 straight onto stair #1

4th floor (elevator lobby)

  • To the left of elevator lobby stair #2
  • 4th floor north(elevator lobby)
  • 425 To 435 hallway straight unto exit stair #3 to the left
  • 4th floor south(elevator lobby)
  • 401 to 419, to the left go straight down hallway, make a right onto stair #1 to the right

5th floor (elevator lobby)

  • To the left exit stair #2
  • 5th floor north(elevator lobby)
  • 510 to 541 hallway keep straight onto the left is exit stair #3
  • 5th floor south(elevator lobby)
  • No south entry way

Physical Education Complex

Building A (Facilities, Maintenance)

  • 1st floor (Near room 194 and 197)

Building B (Procurement, Human Resources, Campus Police, Mail room, Auxiliary Services)

  • 1st floor (main doors, near mail and print services door)
  • 2nd floor (campus police exit doors near room 222)

Building C (Main Arena, Sporting Events)

  • Ground Level (Near room 135, both ends of Arena)

Building D (Main Arena 2nd floor)

  • 3rd floor stairwell 5, stairwell 7 main arena 2nd floor near room 223 section 4-6

Building E (Pool, Locker Room)

  • Near Room 135 and Stairwell 6

Building F (Auxiliary Gym)

  • Across from room 102, both exits located in the auxiliary gyms and Warwick Ave exit

 Building G (Classrooms)

  • 2nd floor near room 228

Building H (Fitness Center) Lot E

Daley Hall

  • 1 Northeast exit (near meeting room)
  • 2 Northwest exits (front door and service entry area)
  • 3 North exits (stairwell #1 facing Dining Hall and two are located in Mr. Bailey’s Office
  • 1 Northeast exit (inside Nurse’s Office)

Dedmond Hall

  • 1 Northwest exit (front doors)
  • 1 Northeast exit (inside Laundry Room)
  • 1 North exit (in stairwell near Restrooms)

Dining / Meeting Hall

  • 1 Southwest exit (front door)
  • 2 East exits (in lobby and school store eastside of building)
  • 1 West exit (in Dining room area 1st floor)
  • 1 Northeast exit (in rear)
  • 1 Northwest exit (in rear)

Grace Hill

  • 1 East exit (front doors)
  • 1 East exit (basement level by new elevators)
  • 1 South exit (basement level by new elevators)
  • 2 North exits (facing Lot D, one closed at basement level due to construction)
  • 1 West exit (closed due to construction, basement level)


  • 1 Southwest exit (southside basement level near Parren J. Mitchell room)
  • 1 South exit (on loading dock)
  • 1 West exit (front doors)
  • 1 North exit (front doors)

Research Center

  • 2 South exits (front doors and southeast corner)
  • 1 Northwest exit (near 2nd floor vending machine)
  • 2 West exits (Capital Planning hallway and automatic doors 2nd floor)
  • 1 North exit (new classrooms facing construction)
  • 1 Southwest exit (new classrooms)
  • 1 Northeast exit (by locker rooms)

Science Center

  • 3 West exits (front door, front south corner and 1st floor north stairwell)
  • 1 Northeast exit (1st floor north stairwell)
  • 1 South exit (but that leads to a chained in area outside)
  • 2 East exits (this leads to the same chained in area outside)

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