Report an IT Security Concern

Digital Threats to Look Out For

What is an IT security incident? It's an event that presents a threat to the security, integrity, and/or confidentiality of information within a network or on a device.

Types of Digital Threats

A threat doesn't have to be malicious, like a hacker trying to get at your information. Sometimes, an IT security incident may be a powerful storm or other infrastructure event, including:

  • Burglary or theft
  • Natural disasters (i.e. floods, storms, etc.)
  • Environmental hazards
  • Data line failure
  • System crashes
  • Packet flooding
  • Unauthorized access or use of system resources
  • Unauthorized use of another user's account
  • Unauthorized use of system privileges
  • Web Defacement
  • System penetration/intrusion
  • Massive virus attacks

Report an IT Incident

The easiest way to report an IT incident is to email ITS. For fastest help, students should email contact the IT Student Service Center. Faculty and staff should contact the IT Help Desk.

For Students

IT Student Service Center
(410) 951-3872

For Faculty and Staff

IT Help Desk
(410) 951-3888