Writing Center

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers support with writing the basic essay as well as the research paper (MLA, APA and Chicago Style) in courses across disciplines. The Center provides students support with researching, writing and navigation of assigned (reading) texts throughout the year. The Writing Center staff (Bryan Preston, Coordinator, Doretha Houston, Asst. Coordinator, and Siraj Bayan are available 8:30am until 6:30pm throughout the calendar year.) All papers are submitted to TURNITIN as part of the center's services; however, students are responsible for releasing their work to course instructors for further review.

Visiting the Writing Center

What help does the Writing Center offer?

Students receive individualized assistance which intends to support their successful development as writers and to influence their development as responsible researchers. Tutors also review the overall organization of documents, use of transition words and word choices throughout the document, etc., and guide students' work with the holistic grading rubric for the basic essay.

Does the Center provide assistance other than help with writing assignments?

Tutors offer tips to help students read and critically think about their texts, select reputable sources for research, and use the proper format style, such as APA or MLA. They can also help with oral presentations, such as prepared speeches and PowerPoint presentations, including those created as group projects. They can advise students on any piece of writing: academic writing, such as analyses, essays, rhetorical criticisms, history papers, and research papers; creative writing, including short stories, poems, biographies, and memoirs; business writing, including abstracts, personal statements, resumes, cover letters, formal memos, and proposals; and applications for scholarships or employment. Students should bring requirements and/or instructions with them to ensure consultations address the scope of each assignment.

Do I need to bring a paper copy of my work to the Center?

Yes, students are encouraged to bring a "hard copy" of working document; however, digital copies of all documents are required the first visit and/or work session with a tutor. All documents are loaded in TURNITIN for additional review and response. Tutors' responses to all documents are electronically stored so that students can review and access their documents as needed. Copies of working documents are not released to instructors unless requested by students. Instances of intentional plagiarism are reported to the Center Director for disposition.

Do I need an appointment for services?

Students do not need to make an appointment before coming to the Center. When entering the Center, students should sign in and let the tutors know what type of assistance they need. In general, students should allow at least 24 hours for tutor review of essays or research papers and approximately 48 hours during mid-terms and at the end of the semester. Students should plan accordingly to ensure they have time to make corrections and submit assignments to professors before deadlines.

Is there any cost for writing consultations and services?

No. The Writing Center resources are freely available to students no matter how many times the services are used.

Will tutors edit my paper to make the corrections for me?

No. The Writing Center is not an editing service. However, tutors will offer individualized consultations that help students learn to look more critically at their own work. For example, tutors can point out patterns of reoccurring grammatical or sentence structure errors. The assistance provided is intended to encourage students’ resourcefulness and self-reliance so that their writing skills will improve. Can tutors tell me what grade they think I would receive for an assignment? No. Students must discuss grades directly with their professors, referring to designated grading policies for each course.

I think I am already a good writer, so why should I bother going to the Writing Center?

Asking for and receiving feedback is a normal part of a successful writing project. Even the best writers recognize the benefits of using the skills of others to help review and improve their work.