Threat Assessment

Threat Assessment

Coppin State University is committed to providing a safe and conducive environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The preparedness of this campus in case of an emergency incident is a high priority issue; therefore the establishment of a threat assessment team is essential to the safety and security of the university campus community and becomes an essential component of the Coppin State University Emergency Preparedness Plan.

The Coppin Threat Assessment Team consists of university personnel with expertise in human resources/employee assistance, law enforcement/threat assessment/tactical applications, counseling and psychological services, university operations, medical knowledge, and student affairs. The interdisciplinary team approach improves the efficiency and scope of the assessment process, which can be time consuming, provides diverse professional input, and minimizes the risk of observer bias.

University community members can report threatening or concerning behavior to the threat assessment committee by speaking directly to a committee member or submitting an incident report. The incident report can be accessed on the Student Affairs website.

Coppin State University Threat Assessment Team

Dr. Michael Freeman, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Ms. Michelle Reynolds, Director of Counseling Services (Case Manager)
Ms. Tiffany Jones, Director of University Relations
Mr. Kevin Pertee, Director of Residence Life
Dr. Lisa Early, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Chief Leonard Hamm, Director of University Police
Dr. Tracey L. Murray, Dean for College of Nursing