Royal Court Pageant

The Coppin Pageant is rich in tradition; in 1929 the Students of Coppin State University decided that they would choose an individual that was worthy to be acclaimed "Miss Coppin State University". Historically, the process by which Miss Coppin was elected was purely done on a popularity basis, but now Coppin State University's best and brightest compete before a panel of judges for the prestigious title, in the Annual Coppin Pageant. The Pageant is designed to give a well-rounded look at each contestant in multifaceted categories such as the Oratorical, Talent, Question and Answer and Formal Wear segments. The judges will elect the top three finalists to move on to student population voting. In previous years, elections were conducted using stationary voting polls, but now CSU students make their selections via online voting polls.

During the 1998-1999 academic years, the student body petitioned to have an undergraduate college King to serve as the official host of Coppin State College along side of Miss Coppin. During its debut, Jelani Laster was the first Mister Coppin contestant; his reign was during the 2000-2001 academic year. Since that time interest has peaked and the number of Mister Coppin Contestants continues to increase.

Miss and Mister Coppin serve as ambassadors for Coppin State University while representing the Student Body at official functions. Those individuals are expected to exemplify a high degree of integrity, and esteem. They are called upon to speak at a variety of campus functions and develop programming and activities to be enjoyed by the student body.

During the 2004-2005 academic year the Office of Student Activities decided to take a more inclusive approach to our CSU royalty, and added a full royal court. The Court is comprised of 3 kings and 3 queens with Miss and Mister Coppin serving as the university's primary ambassadors. The court includes Miss and Mister Coppin State University, Miss and Mister Blue and Gold, and Miss and Mister Eagle. These people collectively represent the royal family of Coppin State University.

General Criteria for Miss and Mister Coppin Contestants

  1. Contestants must have a cumulative average of 2.75.
  2. Contestants must demonstrate a solo talent in drama, dance, music, etc.
  3. Contestants must be full time enrolled students with at least 60 CSU credits prior to potential reign.
  4. Contestants must be female to participate in the Miss Coppin portion and male to participate in the Mister Coppin portion of pageant.
  5. Contestants may be single, divorced or married.
  6. Contestants must display a positive attitude about Coppin State University.
  7. Contestants may not be first semester transfer students.
  8. Contestants are scored by a panel of judges.
  9. Contestants must demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and to represent the University as its official host/hostess.
  10. Contestants must participate in all pageant related and other identified activities by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership.

Complete Royal Court Appearance Form


* Mister and Miss Freshman: Maneth Doue and Kailah Griffin-Randall
Individual photos coming soon...

Mister and Miss Coppin and the Royal Court (2020-2021)


Dominic Russell

Mister Coppin State University


Dyshonique Jones

Miss Coppin State University

torri jackson

Torri Jackson

Miss Senior


Montaze Cooper

Mister Junior

keylin perez

Keylin Perez

Miss Sophomore