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Prospective Nursing Students

Prospective Nursing Students

Admission Criteria Policies

  • Admission to Coppin State University (CSU) through the Office of Admissions.

    Coppin State University Online Application

  • Competitive Admission Process [FALL only] to the Helene Fuld School of Nursing (HFSON) in the College of Health Professions (CHP) Academic Success Center (ASC).

    Nursing Applicants must be admitted to Coppin State University before completing the Application for Admissions to Baccalaureate Studies or requesting for anyone to complete a Baccalaureate Nursing Education Recommendation on your behalf.

    1. EARLY Decision Deadline = December 1st each year
    2. FINAL Deadline = February 1st each year (RN to BSN Students Final Deadline is July 15th each year)

    Application for Admissions to Baccalaureate Studies

  • Official Transcripts from each college attended prior to CSU submitted to both the CSU Office of Admissions and the Academic Success Center in the CHP. If you have any foreign education, you must submit an evaluation of your foreign coursework by one of the following: World Education Service or Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. International Education Consultants.

  • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation submitted only to the Academic Success Center in the CHP.

    Letter of Recommendation form

    Please provide this link ( to those you would like to offer a recommendation on your behalf. NOTE: You will need to provide the recommender the following information:

    1. Your Full Name
    2. Your CSU ID#
    3. The Semester you are applying for (Fall 20__)
    4. The Plan of Study you are applying for (Traditional BSN, Accelerated Second Degree BSN or RN to BSN Completion).

    Your recommender will need this information in order to complete the recommendation for you. They will not be able to complete the process without this information from you. The recommendation should take them no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

  • Official competitive scores from the HESI A2 entrance examination submitted to the Academic Success Center in the CHP (RN to BSN students are NOT REQUIRED to take the HESI A2 exam)

  • For Fall 2022 and beyond, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on 4.0 scale will be required for the Traditional BSN, RN to BSN and Accelerated Second Degree BSN plans of study.

  • FOR ACCELERATED SECOND DEGREE BSN STUDENTS and RN TO BSN STUDENTS: Application Essay of Goals and Objectives that should include the following:

    • Reason for selecting Nursing as a career, including professional goals. Explain how the Accelerated Second Degree BSN or RN to BSN Plan will assist in achieving your professional goals.
    • Factors that prompted a career change.
    • Reasons for selecting Coppin State University as the higher education institution for completing your Nursing Education.
    • Include a discussion of your long-term goals/plans.
    • Also include a brief summary of significant work experience, progressing from high school to college to the current time period.
    • Give details of how previous work and educational experiences relate to nursing.
    • Finally, in light of the intensity of this program, discuss how you will handle the demands of the academic program as well as outside responsibilities during the Accelerated or RN to BSN track program of study.
  • Interview (Accelerated Second Degree BSN Students and may be required for RN to BSN Students)

  • Signed Acknowledgement Form if offered admission (Accelerated Second Degree BSN Students ONLY)

Transfer Credits

Transfer Admissions - see criteria from the CSU Office of Admissions.

Transfer Evaluations - From the CSU Office of Records and Registration Policies and Procedures Manual – December 2009:

  • A student who has submitted all required documents to the Office of Admission and has received notification of acceptance to the University will receive a transfer evaluation report prior to the close of registration. A student's final evaluation report will be accessible in EagleLINKs prior to the end of the first semester of enrollment. An EagleLINKs User ID and Password are required to access all academic and financial information.
  • A student who has received transfer credits and believes that he/she has been denied credits or the credits are articulated incorrectly must appeal in writing within 30 work days prior to the close of the first semester of enrollment. The written and signed appeal and all supporting documents should be sent to:

Office of Records and Registration
Coppin State University
2500 West North Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21216
Attn: Transfer Coordinator


  • In collaboration with various administration leaders, faculty, staff and students of CSU and the HFSON, we are increasing our use of "Best Practices" to recruit and retain regional, national and international candidates for our undergraduate nursing plans of study.
  • Our focus is to recruit students who have the potential to become experts and professionals in their fields.
  • We are excited and look forward each year to meet new prospective students at the many recruitment events in our region and nationally.
  • We also utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter to stay in contact with our clientele.


In addition to recruitment, the Academic Success Center staff in the CHP and the First Year Experience (FYE) staff in the CSU Academic Engagement and Advisement Center are responsible for the academic advisement of students interested in pursuing admission to the undergraduate nursing plans of study. Students are encouraged to contact both offices to schedule an appointment for academic advisement/counseling prior to admission. Contact information for each office is below:

ASC Office: (410) 951-3970; Suite 133 in the Health & Human Services Building

FYE Office: (410) 951-3555; Second Floor of the Grace Hill Jacobs Building