Parking Regulations and Citations

Mon-Fri: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Talon Center, 1st Floor, Room 132
(410) 951-3557

Help keep our campus a safe place by driving carefully, watching for pedestrians, and adhering to parking regulations.

Fines and Violations

There is no free parking on campus. Be sure you have the correct student, staff/faculty, or visitor parking permit so you don't have any parking fines after your campus visit.

Issued to any vehicle when the permit is not displayed in a fashion that the permit number, type and expiration date are clearly visible or the permit is not displayed in the designated location.

Issued to a vehicle that has paid to park, but the meter expired.

Issued to any vehicle determined by Parking and Transportation Services to have been abandoned or stored on the property without the approval of the University. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to towing and impoundment.

 Issued to any vehicle that is not parked within the two lines designating a parking space.

Issued to vehicles parked in an area without displaying the appropriate permit or authorization. This includes, but is not limited to: failure to display the appropriate permit for the lot, parking in a reserved or restricted space, parking in a loading dock, parking in a visitor metered space, parking in landscaped areas, or parking in other areas not designated for parking. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to towing and impoundment.

Issued to any vehicle not displaying a valid permit in lots which require a permit. Also issued for parking more than one vehicle on campus at one time.

Issued to any vehicle not displaying a valid pay-station receipt on vehicle dashboard.

Issued to vehicles parked in a fire lane, within 15 feet of a hydrant, in a roadway, on crosswalks or at bus stops. Exceptions made for marked fire/rescue vehicles and police vehicles. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to towing and impoundment.

Issued to any vehicle parked in a handicapped space without displaying a valid, state-issued handicapped permit or license plate; vehicles parked in an adjacent transfer area, with or without a valid handicapped permit. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to towing and impoundment.

  • Displaying altered Coppin State University permit
  • Displaying lost / stolen Coppin State University permit
  • Using someone else's permit
  • Driving a vehicle that is registered to another person who does not attend daily classes

Issued for utilizing or being in possession of a permit which has been altered, reproduced, reported lost or stolen or improperly obtained from an agency or person other than Parking and Transportation Services. Possession of an altered, lost or stolen permit may result in criminal charges. Vehicles are subject to towing and impoundment.


You must pay parking citations within 30 calendar days. If you do not pay parking fines, you may be subject to:

  • Maryland Motor Vehicle Association withholding your vehicle registration renewal
  • Coppin blocking registration and official transcript requests
  • Coppin turning your account turned over to the State Central Collection Unit

Make a payment by mail

Mail a check or money order made payable to: Coppin State University: 

Coppin State University
Parking & Transportation Services
Talon Center, Room 132
Baltimore, MD 21216

Make a payment in person

Visit the PTS office and choose one of the following payment choices:

  • Cash (exact amount)
  • Check (make check payable to Coppin State University)
  • Charge (Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover)

Make a payment over the telephone

Payments can be taken over the telephone by calling the PTS office at (410) 951-3556.

Make a payment online (Credit Card Only)

Appeals Process

Coppin State University offers the right to either an administrative appeal or court hearing for citations regarding failure to comply with regular regulations. Requests for an administrative appeal or district hearing must be submitted within 25 calendar days of the violation. Choosing one review process waives the right to choose the other process.

All appeal requests must be submitted in writing to Parking and Transportation Services by completing an Appeal Form. Forms must be fully completed to be considered for review. Appeals will be reviewed by The Appeals Committee, which is represented by faculty, staff, and students, on a weekly basis. All appeal decisions are final and binding.

Drop off your complete appeal form in person or email to