Junior Faculty Mentoring Program

Build Deeper Connections

The Junior Faculty Mentoring Program connects junior and senior faculty through mentoring relationships. The program plans and implements activities to:

  • Help junior faculty meet University standards for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and community service
  • Successfully navigate the path to tenure

There are 4 main components to the Program: 

  • Fostering mentor-mentee relationships
  • Sponsoring faculty workshops specific to relevant concerns and issues
  • Hosting social activities that enhance collegiality
  • Maintaining a website with current data and resources


There are 2 ways Coppin faculty can participate in this program. Junior faculty may apply to be mentees, and senior faculty may apply to be mentors. 

To apply, please complete the application and send it electronically to the Junior Faculty Mentoring Program.

Who are junior faculty members?

At Coppin, junior faculty are regular faculty who have not earned tenure and are on tenure track, regardless of the number of years with a doctorate degree. Currently, this Program’s prioritizes faculty on tenure track.

Who are Senior Faculty Members?

At Coppin, senior faculty are tenured faculty members at the level of Professor and Associate Professor.

Advisory Committee

Chairperson and Professor


Associate Professor