We're ALL 'IN' at Coppin

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Go ALL 'IN' for Coppin

There are many ways to become involved. Your generosity helps to grow student scholarships, academic programs, and support services for the university.

Coppin State University "In" campaign

The Origin of 'IN'

In the Summer of 2022, Coppin State University partnered with The Sax Agency to begin crafting a campaign that embodied the spirit and sentiment felt by Eagle Nation and could transcend into an outward-facing message to potential students, partners, donors, and others. Through focus groups, listening sessions, and surveys, we listened and synthesized what was heard into a campaign that builds upon activities of the past in a much greater capacity – this is where the ‘IN’ campaign was born.

'IN' campaign visuals
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CSU 'IN' Campaign Brand Guides

This document contains guides for proper use of messaging, assets and creative for the CSU 'In' campaign.

Why 'IN'

Using the word ‘IN’ is organic, it's literally embedded in the university’s name. Although it sits at the end of Coppin, it serves as a beginning to many possibilities.

Two letters can seldom be so powerful. I'm 'IN' means you stand with Coppin, and you have a personal connection to the university. But it also means you'll stand by her and protect her. 

'In' is a living, growing concept. This page will be updated to reflect how 'In' gets interpreted. The campus is encouraged to share ideas and collaborate to expand the possibilities.

Students on step with certificates


All 'IN' is a movement. It will reflect and galvanize the internal campus energy that will ripple to external audiences. It is both a pledge and affirmation to:

1. Be an active and engaged member of Eagle Nation
2. Give 100% effort, everyday

There are individual interpretations of being ALL 'IN.' For example:
- A student may have promised themselves or a close family member that they would one day complete their degree
- A faculty member may be dedicated to solving real-world problems through their research
- An alum may mentor a student in the same discipline or volunteer hours at Coppin events
Share your ALL 'IN' Reason

University Priorities

The work as part of the 'IN' campaign is guided by the following university-wide priorities.  

  • Become a university of choice 
  • Improve the holistic development and completion rates of our students
  • Advance our brand and reputation as a leader in higher education
  • Be a great university at which to work
  • Enhance our teaching and research excellence

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