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Department of Humanities

Do you love to dance? Does the stage thrill you? Do you read a book and weep, or yearn to tell your own story? Does the past fascinate you? Or do you dream of foreign lands? Of sharing what you know with others in a classroom?

We are looking for students with passion, foresight, and a critical mindset…

and so to realize that goal, we make our campus lively with theatre, dance performances, spoken word, film screenings, student forums, featured speakers, and art exhibits.

Our degree programs cultivate a love of learning and launch our students on rewarding careers in this fast-paced, ever-changing global economy. Our dynamic and award-winning professors energize their classrooms, stimulate learning, and mentor our students. We offer majors in Dance, English, Global Studies, History, and Urban Arts (concentrations in theatre and visual arts). We offer minors in most of these disciplines, as well as minors in Spanish and Philosophy.

So students can engage with the community through “hands on” experiences, we venture beyond the campus into the rich culture of Baltimore and the DC Metro area, with trips to museums, theatres, and historic sites, meetings with policy-makers and professionals, as well as fieldwork and study abroad.

We are the vibrant, beating heart of our 21st century university.

Whether you are graduating from high school, transferring from another institution or returning to higher education after raising a family or retiring from a career, you’ll find a welcome and supportive home in our department. You’ll find new friends and social networks in our student clubs and societies.

We invite you to explore this site to learn more about your opportunities in the Humanities. And please come to visit us on campus.

Best regards,
Seth Forrest, PhD
Chair, Department of Humanities