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Arts and Humanities—education for past, present, and future: an open letter to our students and colleagues, with special greetings to the incoming class of 2024 and the transfer class of 2022

To our new students, welcome to Coppin! And to our continuing students, welcome back!

This past year has been historic. The tragedies of the Covid-19 pandemic and the flashpoints of institutional racism have been met by the heroic efforts of caregivers and activists.

Here at Coppin, our department continues to build on our own efforts from this past Spring term, providing a high level of expert instruction, attentive student support, and complex learning experiences. Our faculty is spending much of the summer in workshops, enhancing our skills to deliver you a combination of virtual, hybrid, and safe face-to-face classrooms. We intend to respond to the Covid-19 by keeping you safe while committing to your educational goals.

We are proud to be an institution built a priori on the assumption that black lives have always mattered! Social justice and anti-racism have been in Coppin’s DNA for more than 120 years. The Department of Humanities is at the tip of the spear, as the home of philosophy, ethics, history, art, critical thinking, creativity, communications, and performance. Please join us in celebrating the spirit of our namesake, Fanny Jackson Coppin, for the 2020-2021 academic year as we build a better world from Baltimore to beyond.

As department chairperson, I’m happy to help answer any questions about our General Education courses or our major programs. Please do get in touch with an email ( or a phone call (410-951-6183).

Again, welcome!

Best regards,
Seth Forrest, PhD
Chair, Department of Humanities

Humanities At Coppin

Humanities is the largest department on campus, with faculty expertise in writing, acting, photography, modern dance, media studies, public history, poetry, critical theory, design and production, culture of the African diaspora and more.

We offer many General Education course options to serve all Coppin students, with more being developed. And we offer five different major programs to serve those students who decide to turn their passions and talents into satisfying careers.

Our alumni have gone on to fulfill their dreams with careers in

  • journalism and entertainment (editors and content producers at Vice Media and ESPN),
  • teaching (throughout Baltimore City and beyond),
  • government (Baltimore City government and federal agencies),
  • arts and arts administration,
  • museums and archives (US Parks Service),
  • and many other exciting possibilities…

We have also placed students into highly respected graduate programs at Howard University, Johns Hopkins, Rutgers, and UNC Chapel Hill, and we have good relationships with the law schools at the University of Baltimore and the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Contact us to learn more about our programs and the opportunity to do what you love in the arts and humanities!