Class Agents

Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Miles Connor Admin Bldg. 3rd Floor
(410) 951-3801

Class Agents* are alumni who wish to further their support of Coppin State University by encouraging peer engagement and participation in vital fundraising efforts. Class Agents champion the University through direct support and class communications. As an integral member of the Division of Institutional Advancement team, Class Agents enjoy serving their peers in a way that is fun, interesting, innovative, rewarding, and very meaningful—both to themselves and to the University.

Class Class Agent
'50 Norma Faulkner
'51 James Camphor
'53 Gloria Nicholson
'54 Joan Stevenson
'55 Gloria Campbell
Joseph Campbell
'56 Mabel Murray
'57 Joseph Press
'58 Florine Camphor
'60 Elizabeth Craig
'61 Annie Phillips
Warren Hayman
'62 Hilda Wood
William Taylor
'63 James Thornton
'64 William Wood
Patricia Welch
'65 Alice Cooper-Lee
'69 Matthews Wright
'71 Reginald Robinson
'72 Luvenia Draine
'74 Douglas Robertson
'75 Valerie Fraling
'80 James Scofield
'81 Arthur Hill
'82 Darlene Swain
'90 Angela Gilliam
'97 Miltonia Johnson
'99 Ian R. Smith
'00 Chrishawn Small
'05 Marcia Cephus
Patricia Timmons
'09 Nicole Cook
'12 LaTonya Shacklett

* If you do not see your class year, it is because your class does not have an agent. Please consider being the agent for your class. Call CSU Alumni Engagement at (410) 951-3812 for more information.