Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


We celebrate faculty accomplishments, while also working to enhance and expand faculty resources to promote scholarly activities, academic interests, faculty development, and community engagement.

Our Purpose

Through our efforts, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) works to:

  • Promote the integration of innovative trends in teaching and learning to improve student achievement and student engagement
  • Encourage the sharing of creative and innovative ideas
  • Foster collaborative efforts in promoting instructional best practices
  • Create focused Faculty Learning Communities
  • Provide workshops, seminars, continuing education to promote faculty collaboration

Our Tactics

  1. Encourage faculty collaboration and sharing of best practices
  2. Develop new initiatives that foster teaching excellence, integrated learning and service learning
  3. Enhance instructional preparedness to address the needs of the differential learner
  4. Develop regularly scheduled forums or venues for the sharing of teaching-related research
  5. Develop a University, peer-reviewed journal
  6. Provide training in grants acquisition
  7. Collaborate with the Office of Sponsored Research to identify appropriate academic-specific external funding
  8. Develop a list of faculty members who can serve as resources for the identification, application and acquisition of grants


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