Honors Program

About the Honors Program

Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Health and Human Services Building, Suite 349
(410) 951-3389

Our Goal

Our goal is to prepare Coppin’s high-achieving students to successfully transition to graduate or professional school immediately after college. The Honors Program leans on several guiding tenets to help us prepare our students to achieve academically, personally, and professionally:

  • Academic Preparation

  • Character Development

  • Graduate and Professional School Preparation

  • Cultural Enrichment

  • Leadership Development

The Honors Program strives to intertwine these tenets through various programming so that our students feel wholly supported and safe in an environment that propels them to excel and achieve.

Academic Preparation

Honor courses are central to the Honors Program academic experience. We limit class size for Honors courses to 15-20 so students can feel part of a safe space to dialogue with other students, as well as with faculty. We encourage Honors students to be accountable for their own learning, and to focus on collaboration over competition all toward the greater purpose of reaching their fullest academic potential.  

The honors academic experience also prioritizes frequent use of primary sources, team-taught interdisciplinary courses, and integration of experiential learning to supplement classroom instruction.  

Character Development

Character development happens when we step out of ourselves, and start to reflect on the needs and challenges of others. With an emphasis on service, the Honors Program encourages students to participate in community-based initiatives to increase social awareness and a desire to give back.  

Character development opportunities include the Honors Community Service Seminar as well as mentoring and tutoring initiatives at Rosemont Elementary and currently, at Coppin Academy, Coppin’s on-campus high school. 

Cultural Enrichment

As funding allows, the Program coordinates field trips to local cultural activities. We also schedule honors lectures, seminars, and workshops on various topics throughout the year. 

Leadership Development

We encourage all Honors students to play active roles in the Honors Program Student Advisory Board (HPSA). Through participation, students develop leadership skills, learn to work cooperatively, build community through social activities, and get involved in regional and state honors activities. 

Contact Us

Have questions about the Honors Program, or about taking a standardized test for graduate or professional school? Reach out to us—we're happy to help!



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