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When you work at the intersection of business and technology, you do more than identify problems—you help solve them.


Management information systems (MIS) is a professional field that studies how people, businesses, and technology interact—and the data that these interactions create. Our world today runs on data, and we need people who know how to analyze, store, relate, and apply that data to all types of organizational goals and needs.  

You could help a restaurant chain use a database to store their entire library of recipes and ingredients. You might build a system to help a hospital find potential matches for organ donors and recipients. A nonprofit organization might need an information system to figure out who needs their services. As a management information systems major, you’ll learn the skills to design, implement, and apply data management systems that could quite possibly change the world. 

You can choose to minor or major in Management Information Systems. 

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Where can MIS skills take you?

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Medical Records Technician
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Minor Requirements for College of Business Students

To graduate with a minor in MIS, students within the College of Business must complete at least 18 credits of MIS courses with a grade of C or higher in each course.

Remember, you must complete all prerequisite and minor courses with a grade of C or higher.

Minor Requirements for Non-College of Business Students

Students in non-College of Business programs can earn a minor in management information systems, but must satisfy specific course requirements. These required courses include:  

  • ECON 103, Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurial Economics 

  • MISY 341, Small Systems Software 

  • 12 credits of MISY electives at or above the 300 level  

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Management Information Systems is within the Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems in the College of Business.