Campus Technology Services

Campus Technology Services

Campus Technology Services provides audio/visual support, infrastructure services, network services, and telecommunications support to Coppin faculty, staff, and students. There are 3 offices within our department:

  • Digital Audio/Visual Services
  • Campus Network Services
  • Telecommunications and Infrastructure Services

Digital Audio/Visual (AV) Services

We provides audio visual and instructional technology support for various education and business events throughout the Coppin State University.

Have an audio/visual request? Send us your request by email at least 3 days before your event. 

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Campus Network Services

We provide internet access, email, and network access to shared program and data files. We make sure students, faculty, and staff have reliable access to campus-wide wireless networks. 

Telecommunications and Infrastructure Services

We provide, maintain, and manage all the cabling infrastructure necessary to support internal and external University digital communications. These communications include telephone, computer network, and other critical services. The infrastructure consists of a campus wide duct bank, a Single Mode and Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Network Backbone, Category 5 & 6 Ethernet cabling, and SIP trunk carrier services.

Telephone Services

A primary function of the Telecommunications department is to provide campus wide telephony services using Microsoft Skype for Business Enterprise Voice, a Unified Communications Platform, with Microsoft Outlook Unified Messaging for voicemail services.

Fax Services

Fax services are integrated with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook through XMedius Fax Server. This fax service enables Outlook users to send/receive personal faxes and network printers to send/receive faxes through Microsoft Exchange Server. SIP and VoIP technologies are used to deliver telephony services. Telephony services are provided at a level necessary to support the demanding administrative and academic needs of the college.

The department also provides technical support for special projects including smart classrooms, new building construction, etc.

Contact Us

For help with campus network services, reach out to us!

Amma Aboraa
Telephone Services Supervisor


Mohammed Ahmed
Director of Campus Infrastructure Team


Marcus Hammond
Director Associate, IT Aca Computing


Anthony LittleJohn
Network Specialist


Can Help With
Skype for Business/Teams
Microsoft 365
Gene McConneaughey
Sr. Network Specialist


Taha Mohammed
Assistant Director, Network Team


Robert Reddish
Student Network Specialist