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Coppin State University has long been known for educating outstanding and dedicated PreK-12 teachers The Coppin State University's Master of Arts in Teaching is no exception, serving college graduates who do not hold a teaching license but desire to become teachers holding a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T) degree. Previous experience or preparation in education is not required.

The M.A.T. program in Elementary Education (K-6) is purposed to prepare candidates for their classroom roles; touching on subjects from in-classroom teaching, organization and management techniques, to research and curriculum planning. The program provides candidates with the opportunity to develop skills in practice, theory, and research as applied to the K-6 learner. Emphasis is placed on the development of a repertoire of instructional strategies and pedagogical skills, understanding, and application.

Upon completion of the program, each candidate must meet program admission requirements. Full admission to Teacher Education and the program also requires completion of at least 12 graduate credit hours which are required for all degree programs leading to initial certification; passing graduate Praxis Core test at Maryland state levels. To reach the Maryland State Department of Education licensure eligibility criteria, a candidate is expected to meet all program requirements including the completion of 100 days of internship experience over two consecutive semesters – 20 days during the methods courses and 80 during the internship semester.

This program is not appropriate for teachers who are already certified to teach in K-12 schools.

Program Objectives

  • To attract high quality, talented individuals to enter the teaching profession.
  • To increase the available supply of qualified teacher candidates in the State of Maryland.
  • To meet the needs of non-traditional teacher candidates who are career-changers or liberal arts and science graduates interested in teaching as a career.
  • To encourage high-quality individuals to enter a teaching career.

Program Description

MAT in Elementary Education participants can undertake this program full-time or part-time. Depending on the content area, the program is 49 – 52 semester credit hours, including 100 days of supervised Internship experience in a Professional Development School (PDS). Applicant must meet program pre-requisites of 12 semester credit hours in mathematics and 12 credit hours in the Sciences. Program courses include:

Program Core Courses
18 - 21 Credit Hours*
CUIN 560
Theoretical Bases for Teaching
CUIN 605
Philosophical, Sociological, and Political Aspects of the Education Process
CUIN 606
Instructional Strategies and Methods for Effective Teaching
CUIN 690
Collaborative Action Research I
CUIN 691
Collaborative Action Research II
EDUC 581
Statistics in Social and Behavioral Sciences (if applicable)
EDUC 582
Research Methods in Social and Behavioral Sciences
Specialty Area Courses
28 Credit Hours
CUIN 587
Curriculum Domains and Procedures
CUIN 607
Managing in the Teaching/Learning Environment
REED 504
Processes and Acquisition of Reading Skills
REED 505
Strategies and Materials of Reading Instruction
REED 508
Reading and Literacy Instruction
REED 603
Diagnostic Teaching of Reading
SPED 587
Teaching Learners with Exceptionalities in the Regular Classroom
Internship Experience Courses
10 Credit Hours
CUIN 600
Pro-seminar (Taken concurrently with CUIN 608)
CUIN 608
Internship in Curriculum and Teaching (Taken concurrently with CUIN 600)

*Additional content coursework may be required as an outcome of a transcript review.