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Coppin was founded in 1900 as an institution for teachers,... today that strong legacy continues.
Get all the facts, figures, resources and everything in between that you'll need to succeed.
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Community commitment and far-reaching vision enable us to help others in the immediate region.
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Grace Jacobs
7th Floor

Diverse, Comprehensive—and PersonalWhen it comes to educating future educators, we've got a few years experience. Actually, we've got over a hundred and twelve years — but who's counting?

Coppin State University was founded in 1900 as a teacher's college. Since then, our School of Education—accredited by The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) since 1962—has fined-tuned the art of educating and inspiring teachers from Maryland and beyond.

What will you get by attending CSU's School of Education? Personalized attention from seasoned professionals that are accessible, supportive and committed to the success of every single student. Hands-on teaching experience in a unique urban corridor. A technology-driven education that meets the challenges of today's schools and today's students.

Whether you've dreamed of being a teacher your whole life, or you're just starting to explore teaching as a career, you'll enter the School of Education as a student and leave as a classroom-ready teacher certified to teach in the state of Maryland.