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Credit Evaluation Process

Credit Evaluation Process

The advanced standing granted to students transferring from other colleges and universities is determined through an official evaluation by the University. The student must clearly understand that this evaluation will be final, and acceptance of an offer of admission signifies acceptance that the University will determine the student's advanced standing. Students admitted with advanced standing are, in general, given credit for college-level courses from degree granting, regionally accredited institutions Insofar as such courses correspond in content and quality to subjects required for the degree sought at Coppin State University.

The letter of admission for a transfer applicant includes the estimated number of credits transferable to Coppin State. The evaluation is usually (but not always) preliminary in nature, as the student is usually taking additional courses at the time of admission. A final evaluation of credit will be prepared once the final grades for the most current semester are received in official transcript form from the student's former college or university. All final transcripts are due in the Admissions Office prior to the student's enrollment date. The appropriate cumulative average, as determined by the number of credits completed, and good academic standing must be maintained, however, or the University's offer of admission will be withdrawn.

Upon receipt of a final evaluation, the transfer student should review its contents carefully. If the student has any questions or feels there is an error, the Admissions Office must be advised within the first semester. No changes will be made to the transfer evaluation after the first semester of enrollment.

Community college transfer students have the option of either following the catalog that was in effect at the time they were initially admitted as degree candidates at their previous accredited transfer institution, or they can adhere to the catalog assigned on the Evaluation of Transfer Credit. However, the first alternative is available only if no more than (6) six years have elapsed at Coppin State University from the date of initial college matriculation.

Transfer credit shall be allowed for all academic courses completed at any regionally accredited two or four-year college or university. Career, occupational, terminal or other courses not offered at the University will be accepted for transfer credit if approved by the appropriate department of the University or by the admissions office. In any event, these courses, if accepted, will be accepted as free elective credit with the exception of orientation, remedial, review, or specialized/personal development courses, which are generally not transferable. Additionally, transfer students must satisfy all established general university, major departmental, and upper-level requirements for graduation.

Any student admitted to degree candidacy as a transfer student must maintain the appropriate cumulative average and remain in good academic standing through the most recent semester in attendance at his or her previous institution. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the cancellation of the University's original offer of admission and in the forfeiture of all related fees and privileges.

Appeal Process

  1. A student who has received a transfer evaluation and believes he/she has been denied transfer credits, may appeal the decision in the following manner:
    1. The student must write a petition stating the discrepancy which appears on the transfer evaluation.
    2. The petition must be submitted within 30 working days prior to the close of the first semester of enrollment.
    3. The petition and all supporting documents shall be hand delivered or mailed by first class mail to, Coppin State University, c/o Nicole Lee – Transfer Coordinator, Transfer and Transition Services, 2500 West North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21216-3698.
    4. The petition for appeal must include the student’s current local address, telephone number and student identification number.
  2. From the receipt of a petition, the Coppin State University Student Academic Review Committee shall convene, review the appeal and issue a written decision.
  3. A copy of the decision shall be mailed to the student at the address included in the appeals materials.