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Admission for Transfer Students

Begin your "Transfermation"


Submit official college transcripts from all institutions attended


Once admitted, meet with your academic advisor

Transfer Thursday | April 22, May 13, June 10, & July 15, 2021

Transfer Thursdays are designed to provide the help and resources you need to transfer into Coppin State University.


Why transfer to Coppin State University?

Most AffordableMost Affordable
Despite national inflation and rising college costs, tuition at Coppin remains the lowest of any public four-year institution in Maryland.


Accessible CampusAccessible Campus
Nestled in the heart of West Baltimore, Coppin is close enough to Maryland's surrounding counties, and is easily reachable by subway, light rail and a dozen bus routes.

Education & Career AdvancementEducation & Career Advancement
Many of the country's best teachers, nurses, social workers, entrepreneurs, law officers, critical thinkers, innovators and artists began their careers at Coppin.


Supportive EnvironmentSupportive Environment
Coppin Students are traditional, international, transfers, parents and adult learners. Our campus has a support system and resources to help everyone reach their goal.

Let's talk numbers.


Minimum cumulative GPA needed to be accepted into Coppin State University.



Minimum number of credits needed to transfer without having to supply high school transcript and SAT/ACT scores.



Maximum number of credits allowed to be transferred to Coppin when transfering from a four year college/university or a combination of community college and college/university.



Maximum number of credits allowed to be transferred to Coppin when transferring from a community college.